EH&S Programs

The EH&S Office has developed and implemented programs to protect DRI employees in the office, in the lab, and in the field, and to mitigate potential damage to the environment.  These programs also outline requirements to ensure compliance with the various regulating agencies.

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Environmental Button Environmental Management

DRI is committed to protection of the environment and seeks to attain and maintain a place of leadership in environmental stewardship.  (See the Environmental Policy Statement for additional information.)

Waste Disposal E-form

Hazardous Waste Guidelines


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Field Safety Button Field Safety

The EH&S Office and the Field Safety Committee regularly develop and evaluate guidelines to promote best practices for working in the field.

Field Hazard Assessment

DRI Policy on Minors Working in Field


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Lab Safety Button Laboratory Safety

Hazards in the lab can be broadly grouped into categories of chemical, biological, radiological, and physical and environmental dangers. DRI provides information and guidelines to lab workers to reduce the liklihood of accidents or injuries.

Lab Safety Mini Guide

DRI Policy on Minors Working in Labs


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Occupational Safety Button Occupational Safety

Providing a safe and healthy work environment for our employees is a top priority. Numerous guidelines and procedures have been collected and developed to ensure workplace safety.

Office Inspection Checklist

PPE Assessment Form