To report a crime or any emergency involving life, property or health.....CALL 911

    1. Give the dispatcher your name and say you are calling from the DESERT RESEARCH INSTITUTE from the appropriate location listed below:
DRI Boulder City Laboratory
1500 Buchanan Blvd.
  1. The dispatcher will ask you questions about the nature of the emergency as well as your location in the building in order to direct emergency responders to the scene. Answer the dispatcher's questions with as much detail as possible.
  2. Do not hang up! Let the dispatcher end the conversation.
  3. If possible, send someone outside to greet the emergency responders and to assist in directing them through the building.
  4. If 911 is called during work hours, call the SNSC, 862-5400, immediately after completing call with 911 dispatcher. (If after hours, call 429-4011.)

Other Helpful (Non-Emergency) Numbers:

SNSC main number 702.862-5400
Emergency Message Voice Mail 702.862-5596
Boulder City Police Department 702.293-9244
Nevada Highway Patrol 702.796-1116
Boulder City Fire Dept 702.293-9228
Family Doctors Boulder City 702.293-0406
Boulder City Hospital 702.293-4111

Contact Facilities

Facilities (heat loss or power outage) 702.862.5407
Facilities Daytime Cell Phone: 702.491.8553
After hours On Call Phone: 702.429.4011

In case of a chemical spill or radioactive material discharge, after-hours building emergencies, or if you need to speak with a Public Affairs staff member, click here to access contact info for specific DRI/UNR personnel.  (Available to logged-in DRI employees only.)