Ecological Engineering Program Director

Kumud Acharya

Kumud Acharya Dr. Acharya’s current research combines basic and applied science from engineering, biology, ecology, and natural sciences for the restoration and construction of aquatic and terrestrial ecosystems. Ecological/biological Engineering is a new emerging field of study integrating engineering technology with biology and ecology. Increasing rates of resource use and population growth have tended to magnify and complicate environmental problems that were already on the rise. A new range of sophisticated, powerful and newer techniques are required to solve these problems and that are often only possible by multi-disciplinary approaches. Dr. Acharya’s research attempts to combine fundamentals of life science with basic engineering to develop cutting edge tools to solve complex environmental problems. Dr. Acharya’s past research involved ecological and biological stoichiometry (the study of balance of energy and multiple chemical elements), aquatic food web, nutrient cycling, wastewater treatment systems, ecological modeling etc. (full bio)

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