Climate Change in Nevada: Task 4

Affiliation(s)PIProject periodFunded by
DEES Arnone, John A 10/01/2011 - 09/30/2012 NSF EPSCoR

Project Description

The goal of this Interdisciplinary Science Project funded within the larger ongoing NSF EPSCoR “Climate Change in Nevada” project is to demonstrate how climate, environmental, and ecological data being collected by the statewide NevCAN climate-ecohydrology transect network can be used to understand (a) the relationship between high elevation precipitation and the timing and amount of water that is removed from the soil by trees via transpiration; and (b) how these responses in transpiration are reflected in annual tree ring growth that will allow the researchers (Arnone, Biondi, Johnson, Strachan) to more accurately reconstruct what climate variability was like during the period of 100 to >1000 years ago. This study involves experimentally increasing soil moisture during the growing season to some high elevation trees (bristlecone pine, Engelmann spruce, limber pine) using a sprinkler system and then comparing sap flow rates and tree ring growth characteristics in these trees with neighboring trees that do not receive this extra “precipitation”.

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