Carbon Sequestration at United States Marine Corps Installations West

Affiliation(s)PIProject periodFunded by
DEES Mouat, David A 10/01/2009 - 11/30/2010 US Department of Defense

Project Description

This research project has been designed to develop a strategy to enable Marine Corps Installations West (MCI West) entities and organizations to reduce their overall carbon footprint especially greenhouse gas emissions. This will be accomplished through three activities:

  1. An assessment of the carbon footprint at MCI West based on existing information, which will be used to develop a science-based profile showing migration pathways.
  2. An examination of potential natural sources and sinks for carbon will be conducted to help understand the potential for natural processes to offset anthropogenic emissions.
  3. A prioritization of technological solutions for reducing carbon emissions will be produced in the context of our understanding of the emissions profiles of the installations.

The importance of this research has two parts. The first is to assist MCI West comply with California state regulations (Assembly Bill 32) which requires that GHG emissions be lowered to 1990 standards by 2020. The second is that reducing GHG emissions will be a part of a global effort to minimize affects of climate change. MCI West will be a proactive player in this effort.

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