DRI Researcher Develops Bioengineering Company

DRI Researcher Develops Bioengineering CompanyDRI’s Joseph J. Grzymski, Ph.D. partnered with Adam G. Marsh, Ph.D. from the University of Delaware to develop Evozym Biologics, a company created to bridge the gap between research and innovation and commercial value.

The intellectual property developed jointly at DRI and the University of Delaware was exclusively licensed to Evozym Biologics, Inc. The technology will be used in synthetic biology and drug target development.

The current computational and experimental work Grzymski and Marsh are pursuing has commercial importance in antibiotic and vaccine therapies, biofuels, and other bioengineering processes. Applications of these results could have far reaching consequences, for example the two are working on making biofuel reactors more efficient through the engineering of enzymes and using vast quantities of data to help increase the efficiency and cost-effectiveness of testing drug targets in drug resistant pathogens.

“Evozym’s computational platform optimizes the structure and function of proteins and enables rapid output of a broad portfolio of next‐generation genomics products for applications in renewable energy, human health, industrial green chemistry, and environmental remediation,” said Grzymski founding partner of Evozym and Assistant Research Professor at DRI.

Evozym's proprietary platform technology utilizes evolutionary biology combined with multi-core computation, proprietary algorithms, databases and biological engineering to transform the evolution of known gene profiles into novel proteins.

“We are incredibly excited to work with DRI and the University of Delaware to develop the commercial applications of our research,” Grzymski added.

For more information please visit the company website.

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