Micro Analysis & Visualization Lab (MAVL)

DEES Dave Rhode

The Micro Analysis & Visualization Lab (MAVL) is an Institute-wide facility for microscopic analysis and imaging services. The MAVL provides researchers with access to a range of microscopic platforms including low-magnification stereozoom reflected-light (dissecting) scopes, transmitted-light compound scopes in a variety of configurations (including petrographic and fluorescence capabilities), inverted scopes for live cell or tissue analysis, and a high-magnification tabletop scanning electron microscope equipped for elemental composition analysis.  Microscope cameras and basic image analysis software are available for many of the platforms. The MAVL was created in 2015 as a dedicated research space, equipment library and teaching/training facility that all at DRI can use, contribute to and share.

Visit our website for more details. http://www.dri.edu/mavl