EAF Products and Instruments

The EAF Laboratory includes: 1) sample preparation; 2) carbon analysis and organic speciation; 3) sample archiving and storage; 4) gravimetric and light transmission; 5) elemental and microscopic measurements; 6) wet chemistry; 7) particle resuspension; and 8) PM field sampling.

Relevant instrumentation for each laboratory within EAF is listed as follows:

Sample Preparation Laboratory

  • Five Pure Air Corporation eight-foot laminar flow hoods (Canoga Park, CA)
  • Lindberg 51894 Moldatherm box furnace (Watertown, WI)
  • Two Millipore distilled-deionized water systems capable of producing 100 gallons per day (Billerica, MA)
  • Two Branson Model 5200 sonicators (Danbury, CT)
  • VWR Model 1410 vacuum oven (Brisbane, CA)
  • Cole-Parmer Model 51401-00 sample shaker (Vernon Hills, IL)
  • Cole-Parmer Model 05053-10 vacuum oven (Vernon Hills, IL)
  • CEM Mars 5 Laboratory microwave (Matthews, NC)
  • Environmental Express hot block digestor (Ventura, CA)
  • Two Hamilton Model 500 Digital Dilutors (Reno, NV)
  • Dynac 0101 centrifuge (Parsippany, NJ)
  • Brinkmann Buchi Safety VAP R-200 rotavapor system (Westbury, NY)
  • Eight sets of Kimble Glass, Inc., Soxhlet extractors, condensers, and flasks (Vineland, NJ)
  • Two Glas-Col combo round bottom extraction heating mantles (Terre Haute, IN)
  • Barnstead Electrothermal EMD heating mantle (Boston, MA)
  • Pierce Reacti-Therm 18780 heating module (Rockford, IL)
Cole-Parmer ovenCole-Parmer oven


Carbon Analysis Laboratory

  • Twelve DRI Model 2001 thermal/optical carbon analyzers (Atmoslytic Inc., Calabasas, CA) using reflectance and transmittance analysis and pyrolysis correction
  • Two Agilent Model 6890N Gas Chromatography (GC)/5973 Mass Spectrometer (MS) Detectors/NIST O2 MS library (Foster City, CA) for organic speciation and O2 tests of the DRI Model 2001 analyzers
  • Japan Analytical Curie Point Pyrolyzer, Model JHP-3/3S (Tokyo, Japan) for characterizing polymers and macro-molecular compounds
DRI carbon analyzerDRI carbon analyzer


Organic Speciation Laboratory

  • Agilent Model 5975C Triple Axis Mass Spectrometric Detector (Foster City, CA) for integraton with DRI Model 2001 analyzers and detrmination of organic markers for each IMPROVE carbon fraction
  • SRI Instruments Helium Ionization Detector (HID) (Torrance, CA) for the detection of gases (CO2, H2, N2)
  • Shimadzu TOC-VCS Total Organic Carbon Analyzer with ASI-V Autosampler (Kyoto, Japan) for water-soluble OC (WSOC)
  • Thermo (Carlo Erba) Model Flash EA1112 Combustion CHNS/O Analyzer (Waltham, MA) for elemental concentrations of C, H, N, S, and O
  • Dionex ICS-3000 Ion Chromatograph with AS40 Autosampler, Pulsed Amperometric Detector (pAD), and EP-50 Electrochemical Detector (ECD) (Sunnyvale, CA) for carbohydrates and organic acid analysis
  • Agilent 1200 Series High Performance Liquid Chromatograph (HPLC) with UV detector (Foster City, CA) for organic acid and WSOC classification
  • HPLC with Alltech 3300 Evaporative Light Scattering Detector (ELSD) (Deerfield, IL) for carbohydrates, organic acids, and HULIS
  • Ocean Optics Maya2000 Pro Spectrometer with DH-2000 Deuterium Tungsten Halogen Light Source (Dunedin, FL) for multi-wavelength measurement of filters
Shimadzu TOC analyzerShimadzu TOC analyzer


Sample Archiving and Storage

  • 116 m3 walk-in refrigerator
  • Two 28 m3 walk-in refrigerators
  • Nine 0.6 m3 upright refrigerators
  • Seven 1.3 m3 chest freezers


Gravimetric and Light Transmission (babs) Laboratory

Magee transmissometerMagee transmissometer
  • Herrtronic Model MSM temperature and humidty controller (Lancaster, PA) that maintains weighing environment with USEPA FRM specifications (30-40% RH and 20-23 °C)
  • Two Mettler XP-6 microbalances (Hightstown, NJ)
  • Two Mettler MT-5 microbalances (Hightstown, NJ)
  • Two Mettler AE200 analytical balances (Hightstown, NJ)
  • Mettler PJ6000 electronic pan balance (Hightstown, NJ)
  • Sartorius SE2 microbalance (Edgewood, NY)
  • Sartorius R160D analytical balance (Edgewood, NY)
  • Sartorius AC121S analytical balance (Edgewood,NY)
  • Sartorius LA120S analytical balance (Edgewood,NY)
  • Cahn 33 electrobalance (Cerritos, CA)
  • Two Tobias and Associates transmission densitometers (Ivyland, PA) adapted for the measurement of particle light transmission on filter media
  • Magee Scientific dual wavelength (370 nm and 880nm) transmissometer (Berkeley, CA)


Elemental and Microscopic Analysis Laboratory

Thermo X Series ICP-MSThermo X Series ICP-MS
  • Panalytical Epsilon 5 energy dispersive XRF spectrometer (Almelo, Netherlands)
  • Thermo Electron X Series ICP-MS with a New Wave Laser Ablation connection (Madison, WI)
  • Leitz Ortholux binocular microscope (Munich, Germany)


 Wet Chemistry Laboratory

  • Integrated Air System, Inc., 6-foot sterile bench (Minneapolis, MN)
  • Orion 720A pH meter (Cole-Parmer, Vernon Hills, VA)
  • Brinkmann 702 SM Titrino Automated Titrator for pH and Karl Fischer analysis (Burlingame, CA)
  • Various specific ion electrodes
  • YSI Model 32 Conductivity Meter (Yellow Springs, OH)
  • Two Dionex Model ICS-3000 Ion Chromatographs (IC) (Sunnyvale, CA) and one Dionex ICS-2100 IC (Sunnyvale, CA) for anions and cations
  • Astoria 302A Colorimetry System with a 301A autosampler (Astoria, OR) for ammonium
  • Varian SpectrAA 880 atomic absorption spectrophotometer with an SP5 autosampler (Walnut Creek, CA) for soluble metal analysis
Spectro880SpectrAA 880


 Particle Resuspension Unit

  • Gilson Sieves 4 mm-25 μm (Worthington, OH)
  • WS Tyler Model RX-86 sieve shaker (Mentor, OH)
  • Retsch Model PM100 Ball Mill (Newton, PA)
  • Carver Model M 25 ton Laboratory Press (Menomonee Falls, WI)
  • PM1.0, PM2.5, PM10, and TSP size-selective inlets
  • DRI particle resuspension chamber (0.4 m3; Reno, NV), which accommodates >8 parallel channels for samples in 1, 2.5, 10, and 30 µm size ranges


PM Field Sampling Unit

  • Twenty DRI Sequential Filter Samplers (SFS; Reno, NV) for simultaneous collection on multiple filter packs with or without denuders
  • One hundred twenty Airmetrics MiniVol samplers (Eugene, OR) with both PM10 and PM2.5 impaction jets
  • BGI model PQ 200 PM2.5 FRM sampler (Waltham, MA)
  • Two BGI model OMNI portable FRM samplers (Waltham, MA)
  • Six MSP Micro Orifice Uniform Deposition Impactor (MOUDI) samplers (Shoreview, MN) with rotators and impaction plates from 10 µm to 0.05 µm