DRI Research Projects and Programs

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Understanding Wildland Fire Behavior
Union Pac RR Emissions
Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS) Research
Update Dry Valley Recharge Estimate
Update of Fire Cache Smoke Monitor Web Site
Updated Estimation of Annual Phreatophytic Evapotranspiration for White River, Spring, and Snake Valleys
Updates to the Victoria Fire Weather Gridded Dataset
Uranium Oxide Soil Stabilization Study, Yuma Proving Ground, AZ
US - Egypt Joint Board on Scientific and Technological Cooperation - Egyptian Climatology
Usage of PI-SWERL Instrument and Data Analysis
Use of FRACK to Quantify Flow through Fractured Rock at Folsom Dam, California
Use of Storm Peak Laboratory for Instrument Calibration
USGS Assignment Mojave Desert
USGS Non-Competitive Assistance FY 2009 - Headquarters
Using Canines to Survey Desert Tortoise: Human and dog comparison
Using Plant-Based Sensing Technologies to Optimize Irrigation in Arid/Semi-Arid Urban Landscapes
Using spatially-based scenario planning to inform climate resiliency planning and adaptation strategies
Utilization of Thermal-Mechanical-Hydrologic-Chemical Coupled Modeling to Investigate Fracture Network Permeability Evolution During Enhanced Geothermal System Stimulation at Desert Peak, Nevada
Valles Caldera National Preserve
Valles Caldera National Preserve - Operations and Servicing
Valley of Fire
Vegetative Roughness Controls on Aeolian Sediment Transport
Verification of Empirical Vegetation Index to ET Relationships and Effect of Spatial Scales and Analytical Methodology
Verification of Spot Fire Weather Forecasts
Vertical Profiles, Size Distributions, and Intermittency in Aeolian Sediment Transport: Field Measurements with a Novel Instrument (Sand Sensor I)
Virgin Anasazi Prehistory Project
Visibility Monitoring and Standards for Lake Tahoe Basin: Assessment of Current and Alternative Approaches
Vons Foundation Gift for Breast Cancer Research
Vortex Transport in Porous Media
WAIS DIVIDE - High Temporal Resolution Black Carbon Record of Southern Hemisphere Biomass Burning
Walker Basin Project, Phase 2
Walker Lake Task 2-10, Project Coordination, Outreach
Walker Lake Task 2-2, Decision Support Tool
Walker Lake Task 2-6, In-Stream Health/Aquatic Ecology
Water Supply Analysis and Planning Tasks for Truckee Basin Study, California
Watershed-Based Plan for the Pyramid Lake Paiute Tribe
WaterStart aims to catalyze water technology, research, and expertise.
Weather Data Collection - Bango Oil
Weather Data Management and Access System for RMBL Stations
Web Access to RAWS Data and Products
West Africa Water Initiative - Agriculture Component in Mali
West Africa Water Initiative Phase II
West Africa Water Initiative Phase II - Water, Sanitation, and Hygiene for Human Development
Western Regional Climate Center (WRCC)
Western Regional Climate Center Alaska Requirements Workshop
WestWide Drought Tracker: Monitoring Drought at Fine Spatial Scales Across the Western US
Wetlands Up-Scale Selenium Cycle
What Effect do Clouds Have on Climate?
What is SEPHAS?
Wildfire Urban Interface Analysis

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