DRI Research Projects and Programs

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Installation and Maintenance of Cloud Seeding Equipment for the Grand Mesa WEA Cloud Seeding Program
Integrated Desert Terrain Forecasting for Military Operations (DTF)
Integrated Water Quality Monitoring on the Truckee River
Integrated Water Quality Monitoring on the Truckee River
Integrating Drought Science and Information with Wildfire Management
Integrating Drought Science and Information with Wildfire Management in Northern Nevada and the Sierras
Integrating NASA Earth Science into Secondary-Level STEM Education
International Polar Year Program: Bacterioplankton genomic adaptations to Antarctic winter
International Water, Development and Global Sustainability
Inventory and Assessment of Lincoln County Historic Cemeteries
Investigation of Biodiesel Chemistry, Carbon Footprint and Regional Fuel Quality
Investigation of Climate, Ice Dynamics and Biology Using a Deep Ice Core from the West Antarctic Ice Sheet Ice Divide
Investigation of Methods of Potential Value to Monitor Groundwater Recharge in the Mountains of California
Investigation of the Stratigraphy and Time Scale of the WAIS Divide Ice Core Using Electrical Methods
Investigations of the Effect of Virgin River Water Quality on Native Fishes
IPY: Bacterioplankton genomic adaptations to Antarctic winters
IPY: Adding Continuous Black Carbon Analysis to the Norwegian-US Traverse Ice Core Measurements
Keeler Dunes Owens Lake
Lahontan Natl. Fish Hatchery Complex, Walker Lake
Lake Forest Erosion Control
Lake Tahoe Visibility Impairment Source Apportionment Analysis
Land Disposal of Low-Level Radioactive Materials in the U.S. Dept. of Energy Complex
Land-Based Sources of Air Quality Contaminants in the Binational Border Region of Southwestern New Mexico, Northwestern Chihuahua and West Texas
Landfill Cover Design Capabilities
LanDPro: Army Landscape Dynamics Support Program
Late Quaternary alluvial fan systems in semiarid Chile: evolution and paleoclimate linkages. A workshop and field visit to catalyze US-Chile future collaboration
Launch Test Facility (LTF) Engineering Support
LCA Workshop
Light Detection and Ranging in the Walker Basin
Lincoln County Archaeological Initiative
Local and Community-Scale Monitoring for the San Francisco Bay Area Community Air Risk Evaluation (CARE) Program
Local Host and Logistical Support for DOE-ARM AMF2 Deployment to StormVEx
Luminescence Dating of Cave Sediments from Atapuerca, Spain
Maintenance of a Remotely Controlled Seeding Generator and Weather Station
Mars life detection
Martian Geochemical Applications with FREZCHEM
Master Environmental Reference Site (MERS): Deformation and recovery of desert pavements, U.S. Army Yuma Proving Ground
Mercury Oxidation and Depletion in the Reactive Halogen Enriched Troposphere of the Dead Sea
Microbial Availability of Wastewater N and P in Las Vegas Wash and in Associated Wetlands
Microbial Degradation of Ethinylestradiol (EE2) and Estradiol (E2) in Lake Mead and Las Vegas Wash
Microbiologist at the Desert Research Institute makes his mark in Death Valley
Mixing-controlled reactive transport in porous media: A combined study of stochastic models and laboratory experiments
Mobile Aerosol Monitoring System for Department of Defense - Continuous Aerosol and Aerosol Optics Measurements in Theater (ITAMI)
Modeling Complex Geochemical Processes in the Outer Planets Region
Modeling Soil-Water-Vegetation Response to Climate Change
Modifying the GSSHA Model to Simulate Near-Stream Vadose Zone Flows
Monitoring Protocols for Utah's Rare Aquatic and Terrestrial Mollusks
Monopole Camera Mount
MRI: Development of a Cavity Ring-Down Sensor for Real-Time Measurement of Atmospheric Mercury Concentrations and Fluxes (ARRA)
MRI: Development of Enhanced T-Probe for Aircraft Measurement of Mixed Phase Ice-Water Cloud

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