DRI Research Projects and Programs

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Fate and Transport of Pharmaceuticals, Personal Care Products and Endocrine Disrupting Compounds in Golf Courses Irrigated with Reuse Water
Feasibility Study for an Eastern Nevada Cloud Seeding Project
Festival Focuses On Mars – Mojave Desert Similarities
Field capability of dogs to locate individual human teeth
Field Evaluation of Polyacrylamide (PAM) Effectiveness and Laboratory Studies to Assess Microbial Degradation (PAM IV)
Finalizing a Nevada Wetland Program Plan (WWP) and Assessing Biotic Integrity of the State's Priority Wetlands: Isolated Great Basin and Mojave Desert Springs
Fire Danger Pocket Cards
Fire History and Climate Change in the Western U.S.
Fire Induced Changes of Soil Structure: Implications for Soil Hydraulic Properties and Coupled Erosion by Water and Wind
Fire Program Analysis (FPA)
Fire Weather and Climate Information(NOAA UCSD CAP)
FREZCHEM: An Aqueous Geochemical Model for Mars
Fugitive Sources of PM10 and Laboratory Analysis of Airborne Samples
FY06 Nevada Water Resources Research Institute Base Program
Gary Trubl, Dec. 2012 Featured DRI Graduate Student
Gaze-Directed Interaction in CAVEs
Geochemical and Physical Characteristics of Vehicle Endurance and Dust Test Courses at U.S. Army Yuma Proving Ground
Geochemistry and Microbiology of the Extreme Aquatic Environment in Lake Vida, East Antarctica
Geochemistry, Isotope Hydrology and Water Quality Support for the Nye County Nuclear Waste Repository Project Office
Geomorphic Mapping in Support of an Archaeological Predictive Model: Proposed Eastern and Western Expansion Areas, Marine Corps Ground Air Combat Center, 29 Palms, California
Global Military Operating Environments: Linking Natural Environments, International Security, and Military Operations (GMOE)
Global Military Operating Environments: Soil and Terrain Analysis of Vehicle Mobility Test Course in Suriname
GMOE II: Linking Natural Environments, International Security, and military Operations with a focus on Afghanistan and SW Asia
Grant Support FY13
Grapevine Springs Snail and Ecosystem Study
Great Basin Climate Forum 2014
Great Basin Climate Forum 2016 - Reno
Great Basin Paleoenvironmental Database
gridACIS Conversion
Groundwater Model Development to Assess Aquifer Recharge and Recovery in the City of Fernley
Groundwater Model Development to Assess Fluid Flux at the Buena Vista Mine
Groundwater Monitoring for Seepage Management in the Biscayne Aquifer (Miami-Dade County Florida)
Hallar Named Regents' Rising Researcher
Heterotrophic respiration as affected by dew and water vapor
Historical Properties Management Plan and Survey, NAFB
How Do Length-Aperture Correlations Influence Flow and Transport Characteristics of Fractured Rock Masses?
Hybrid BMP Design and Monitoring in Incline Village
Hydrologic Modeling and Well Monitoring Project: Stillwater, Nevada
Ice Cloud Size Distributions
Ice Core Analysis and Incorporation of the Arctic Circle Traverse (ACT) Radar
ICE-L CCN Spectral Measurements
IMAGE: Improving STEM Education in Nevada with Compelling Earth Science Imagery
Impact of the Lower and Middle Rosewood Creek Restoration Projects on the Delivery of Nutrients and Suspended Sediment to Lake Tahoe
Impacts of Free-Tropospheric Smoke and Humidity on the Interactions Between Stratocumulus Clouds and Aerosols
Impacts of Sea Ice Dynamics on Atmospheric Cycling of Mercury and Ozone
Implementation of the EEFLux/METRIC Algorithms into the Google Earth Engine for Computation of Water Consumption
Implications of Arctic Sea Ice Reduction on Tropospheric Bromine, Ozone, and Mercury Chemical Process, Transport and Distribution
Independent Review of NDOT Storm Water Monitoring Program Plans and Monitoring Reports
Inland Air-Quality Impacts from Urbanization of the Israeli-Gaza Mediterranean Coast

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