DRI Research Projects and Programs

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DRI Cloud Seeding Research Program
DRI Cultural Resource Management
DRI for the NAWCWD China Lake
DRI Programs
DRI Renewable Energy Center REEF Phase II
DRI Research
DRI Research Projects
DRI Researcher Develops Bioengineering Company
DRI Researcher Earns Grant to Study the Seasonal Genetic Variations of Antarctic Microscopic Plants
DRI Researcher Earns National Science Foundation Major Research Instrumentation Grant
DRI Researcher Named to National Committee
DRI Researcher Published in Nature Geoscience
DRI Scientist Earns Fifth Patent
DRI Scientists Conduct Climate Change Research in Maldives
DRI Wildland Fire Research Center targets new era of fire science
DRI's Kenneth Kunkel Featured on NPR's On Point
DRI/SNWA Climate Change and Water Resources Proposal
DRRC, Collaborative Research: Emergency Management in Rural America: Decision-Makers Use of Climate Science in Flood Planing and Management (Rural Floods)
Dusty Miller survey
Dynamics of Aeolian Processes in the McMurdo Dry Valleys, Antarctica
Dynamics of the Black Rock Playa: Relationships between Use, Physical Processes, and Biological Environments
ECAP Test Pad Evaluation
Ecological Engineering Program
Effects of Climate Change on Spring Ecosystem Hydroecology as a guide to Developing Alternative Water Policies
Effects of Global Change on the Atmospheric Mercury Burden and Mercury Sequestration Through Changes in Ecosystem Carbon Pools
Effects of Large-scale Groundwater Extraction on Normal Faults in Eastern Nevada
Electricity Generation Using Solar Energy
Endolithic microbial communities in Death Valley
Enhancement of Cyber Connectivity within the Nevada System of Higher Education
EPSCoR Integrated Science Project (ISP): Task 4
EPSCoR Programs
EPSCoR Tri-State Innovation Working Group
Erosion Assessment for the L-Bar, New Mexico, Disposal Site
Estimating Open Water Evaporation from Truckee Reservoirs Using Generalized Input Variables
Estimating sub-pixel temperature composition using multispectral thermal imaging
ET Stations
Evaluating Field and Laboratory Data for Developing Surrogate Indicators to Monitor Fine Sediment in the Tahoe Basin
Evaluating the Vulnerability of Pyramid Lake Paiute Indian Water Rights under Climate Change
Evaluation of Barnwell Disposal Facility
Evaluation of Landfill Conditions and Potential Impacts on Water Resources in Rural Clark County, NV
Evaluation of Nearshore Ecology and Aesthetics
Evaluation of Prescribed Burn Impacts on Air Quality and Visibility in the Lake Tahoe Basin
Evolution of the North American Monsoon
Experience of a Visiting Scholar
Expert Technical Review and Ozone Data Analysis Support
Exposure Classification Project
Exposure Facility and Conduct of a Chronic Bioassay
Extratropical Control of Gulf Surges: The Role of Rossby Wave Breaking and Associated Mesoscale Processes
Fabrication of a T Probe System for Navy A-10 Atmospheric Research Aircraft
Facilitated Development of a Project Alternatives Evaluation Matrix for the Tahoe Basin

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