DRI Research Projects and Programs

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D-Amino acids in endolithic communities
Data Analysis and Modeling to Support NOWCAST and Forecast Activities at the Fallon Naval Air Station
Data Services for Groundwater Level and Flow at L30N during 2009-2010
Deciphering the metagenome-encoded pathway and domain structure for Palmerolide biosynthesis
Demonstration of a Pilot Integrated Biorefinery for the Economical Conversion of Biomass to Diesel Fuel
Desert Hot Weather Test Studies
Desert Research Institute Scientist Wins Top Honor in China
Desert Soil Characterization for Detection of Buried Landmines, Unexploded Ordinance, and Tunnels
Desert Soils Hydraulic Characterization Project
Desert Terminal Lakes - Water Resources Evaluation Program
Design and Construction of a Large-Scale Lysimeter Facility at the Coeur Rochester Mine
Design Guidelines for Horizontal Drains used for Slope Stabilization
Determining Sources of Highway Runoff Fine Sediment in Stormwater, Streams, and Lake Tahoe using Fingerprinting Techniques
Developing a Luminescence Geochronometer for Antarctic "Dry Valleys" Lakes
Developing a Luminescence Geochronometer for Arctic Ocean Cores
Developing an Aquatic Community Restoration Plan for Travertine & Texas Springs
Developing an Aquatic Community Restoration Plan for Travertine & Texas Springs
Developing an Urban Air Quality Management Program in Jakarta
Developing and Enhancing Landsat Derived Evapotranspiration and Surface Energy Products: 2012-2017 Landsat Science Team
Developing Historical and Future Agricultural Evapotranspiration and Irrigation Water Requirements
Developing Thermal Conversion Options for Biorefinery Residues
Development and Evaluation of Regional Climate Downscaling Techniques in Forcing a Coupled Hydrological Model in Small Snow-Dominated Watershed
Development of a BMP Performance Assessment and Data Analysis System for the Tahoe Integrated Information Management System (TIIMS)
Development of a Regional Water Management Plan for the Carson River Watershed
Development of a Soil Zone Package for MODFLOW
Development of a Southern Nevada Evapotranspiration Monitoring Program using Remote Sensing
Development of a Standard Approach for Terrestrial Ecosystem Assessment and Monitoring
Development of a Validated Groundwater Flow Model of Pahrump Valley
Development of Coated Porous Sorbents for the Treatment of Waters and Wastewaters
Development of Experimental FCAMMS National Forecast Products - Bluesky
Development of Instructional Materials entitlted "Crop Irrigation Requirements Impacts Under Climate Change"
Development of Macropores in the Subsurface by Burrowing Organisms & their Impacts on Infiltration, Runoff, and Contaminant Transport Characteristics
Development of Marketing Demonstration System for Utility Accountant Energy Management
Development of the WN09 Dry Thunderstorm Forecast Procedure
Development of Tools and Solutions to Optimize the Operations of the Truckee River based on the Requirements of the Truckee River Operating Agreement
Development of TRPA Research Plan for Evaluation of Infiltration
Digital Mapping Inventory of Biological Soil Crusts in the Muddy Mountain National Wilderness Area, Nevada
Digital Optical Imaging of Ice Cores for Curation and Scientific Applications
Dilution Sampling System for Biomass-Derived Syngas
Dilworth students participate in Mission Antarctica
Do Micro-Environments Govern Macroecology?
Doctoral Student Todd Caldwell Earns 2010 Warden Award
DOE Algal-Based Renewable Energy for Nevada
DOE-EPSCoR Project Director
DOE-LM NRC Working Group Meeting
DOE/NNSA Technical Research, Engineering, and Development Contract
Dr. Henry Sun: Looking for Life on Mars
Draft Revision of the Lost River Sucker and Shortnose Sucker Recovery Plan
DRI and Scripps’ scientists conducting climate change research in Maldives
DRI Assists with West Point Cadet Training

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