DRI Research Projects and Programs

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Cloud Seeding Project for the Walker River Basin for WY2010
Cloud Supersaturations and Droplet Spectral Width
Clover Mountain Weather Station
CNAP Assessment Supplement 2010-2011
CNAP Core Brown Year 1/5
CNAP Core Redmond Year 1/5
CNAP Core Support
CNAP NCA Postdoc
CNAP Participant Support Year 1/5
Co-Production of Power, Fuels, and Chemicals via Coal/Biomass Mixtures
Coll. Res.: Free-Drifting Icebergs as Proliferating Dispersion sites of Iron Enrichment, Organic Carbon Production and Export in the Southern Ocean
Coll. Res.: Geochemistry and Microbiology of the Extreme Aquatic Environment in Lake Vida, East Antarctica
Coll. Res.: Tropical cyclone imprint on late Quaternary alluvial fans of Baja California: Key for understanding arid regions landscape evolution
Coll. Res: Functional Genomics and Physiological Ecology of Seasonal Succession in Antarctic Phytoplankton: Adaptations to Light and Temperature
Collaboration Between DRI and NASA GISS to Investigate the Global Role of Bioaerosols in Cloud Formation
Collaborative Research: A Climate Station Network for the UC Natural Reserve System
Collaborative Research: ADVANCE Atmospheric Science Collaborations and Enriching Networks (ASCENT)
Collaborative Research: Airborne Radar Investigation of Mountain Waves and Rotors
Collaborative Research: Airborne Radar Investigation of Mountain Waves and Rotors
Collaborative Research: Colorado Airborne Multi-Phase Cloud Study (CAMPS)
Collaborative Research: Evaluating Long-Term Impacts on Final Covers--Exhumation of the ACAP Test Sections
Collaborative Research: Hygroscopic Properties of Aerosol Organics
Collaborative Research: Inhibition of Snowfall by Pollution Aerosols
Collaborative Research: Norwegian-United States IPY Scientific Traverse: Climate Variability and Glaciology in East Antarctica
Collaborative Research: Phylogenetic Cascades and the Evolution of Tropical Diversity in a System of Plants, Caterpillars, and Parasitoids
Collaborative Research: The Reno Atmospheric Mercury Inter-Comparison Experiment
Collaborative Research: Analysis of McCall Glacier Ice Core and Related Modern Process Studies
Collaborative Research: Climate, Ice Dynamics and Biology using a Deep Ice Core from the West Antarctic Ice Sheet Ice Divide
Collaborative Research: Cyberinfrastructure Development for the Western Consortium of Idaho, Nevada, and New Mexico
Collaborative research: Development of a luminescence dating capability for Antarctic glaciomarine sediments: Tests of signal zeroing at the Antarctic peninsula
Collaborative Research: Ice core paleoclimate records from Combatant Col, British Columbia, Canada
Collaborative Research: Investigating Upper Pleistocene Rapid Climate Change using Continuous, Ultra-High-Resolution Aerosol and Gas Measurements in the WAIS Divide Ice Core
Collaborative Research: NO3 induced nighttime air chemistry
Collaborative Research: Physics of Stratocumulus Top (POST)
Combustion Chamber
Commercialization of an Innovative Green Technology for Controlling Zebra Mussels
Communicating Science with Animation
Comprehensive Evaluation of the Geothermal Resource Potential within the Pyramid Lake Paiute Reservation
Conduct Energy Study
Construction of 5 PI-SWERL Skeletons
Consultant Services for Smoky Canyon Mine
Consulting Support of Coeur-Rochester Mine Meteoric Water Infiltration Mitigation Report
Core Measurements at Summit, Greenland Environmental Observatory
Cover Renovation Study: Study Site Selection, Lysimeter Design, and Instrumentation Procurement
CRC Project E-88: Follow-on Study of Transportation Fuel Life Cycle Analysis
Critical Fire Weather Patterns
CSUB NSF CREST Project Support
Cultural Resources Mercury Powerline Agreement
Cultured Periphyton: Demonstrating an Ecologically-Based Process for Nutrient and Fine Sediment Removal in the Lake Tahoe Basin
CWD CA Pilot Klamath

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