Featured DRI Graduate Students

February Featured Grad - Saroj Dhital

Dhital square

Introducing Saroj Dhital, a Ph.D. student in atmospheric science. At DRI, Dhital is working with Dr. Michael Kaplan from the Division of Atmospheric Science (DAS) to study dust storms that develop over the Sahara Desert, and the dynamics of dust transport. He is originally from Nepal.


January Featured Grad - Walker Weir

Weir 1Introducing Walker Blackburn Weir, a master's degree student in hydrogeology. At DRI, Weir is working with on a research project with Dr. Mark Hausner and Dr. Eric McDonald to study the influence of soil properties and environmental conditions on the detection of subsurface land mines and improvised explosive devices (IEDs).

December Featured Grad - Kayla Neuharth

neuharth 1Introducing Kayla Neuharth, a master's degree student in Hydrologic Sciences. Neuharth is working on a research project with Dr. Mark Hausner in Devil's Hole, which is located in southern Nevada. She is creating a model to predict the effects that climate change may have on the pupfish that live in Devil's Hole.

November Featured Grad - Brandon Daub

daub 1Introducing Brandon Daub, a master's degree student in Atmospheric Science. Daub is currently working with Dr. Xiaoliang Wang on a NASA project to improve fire safety on spacecrafts. He is in his first semester of the graduate program.