Dr. Zoe R. Harrold

Assistant Research Scientist Biogeochemistry (DRI)

Publications & Presentations


Bartlett, C. L., Hausrath, E. M., Adcock, C. T., Huang, S., Harrold, Z. R., Udry, A. (2018). Effects of Organic Compounds on Dissolution of the Phosphate Minerals Chlorapatite, Whitlockite, Merrillite, and Fluorapatite: Implications for Interpreting Past Signatures of Organic Compounds in Rocks, Soils and Sediments, Astrobiology, 18, (12), 1543-1558
Harrold, Z. R., Hausrath, E. M., Garcia, A. H., Murray, A. E., Tschauner, O., Raymond, J., Huang, S. (2018). Bioavailability of mineral-bound iron to a snow algae-bacteria co-culture and implications for albedo-altering snow algae blooms, Appl. Environ. Microbiol., doi: 10.1128/AEM.02322-17 Accepted
Harrold, Z. R., Patel, N., Venturelli, L., Azam, F., Christner, B. C., Willaert, R., Proksch, R., Dietler, G., Kasas, S., Murray, A. E. (2018). Investigating Atomic Force Microscopy as a Biosignature Detection Tool in Europa-Analog Samples, American Geophysical Union Fall Meeting: Washington, DC, December 10, 2018-December 14, 2018, Paper No. 462311.
Harrold, Z. R., Venturelli, L., Patel, N., Azam, F., Christner, B., Willaert, R., Dietler, G., Kasas, S., Murray, A. E. (2018). Investigating the value of Atomic Force Microscopy and force distance measurements for biosignature detection in Europa-analogue samples, Extremophiles 2018: Ischia, Italy, September 16, 2018-September 20, 2018, Oral presentation.
Harrold, Z. R., Venturelli, L., Stupar, P., Willaert, R., Kasas, S., Murray, A. E. (2018). Establishing the value of force distance measurements in detecting signs of life in Europa-analog samples, Advances in Single-Molecule Research for Biology and Nanoscience, Linz Winter Workshop: Linz, Austria
Kasas, S., Murray, A. E., Venturelli, L., Harrold, Z. R., Kohler, A. C., Dietler, G. (2018). Chemistry-independent detection based on nanomotion sensing technology, Planetary Exploration 2061: Lausanne, Switzerland, April 2018, Presented


Garcia, A. H., Hausrath, E. M., Harrold, Z. R., Tschauner, O., Murray, A. E., Raymond, J., Bartlett, C. L. (2017). Iron-bearing minerals as a trace nutrient source for snow algae communities, UNLV Geosymposium: Las Vegas, NV
Harrold, Z. R., Hausrath, E. M., Murray, A. E., Tschauner, O., Garcia, A. H., Lanzirotti, A., Marcus, M. A., Newville, M., Bartlett, C. L., Raymond, J. (2017). Iron-bearing minerals as a trace nutrient source for snow algae communities and implications for mineral biosignature formation, Astrobiology Science Conference: Mesa, AZ




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