Dr. Christine M. Albano

Postdoctoral Fellow, Ecohydrology
Hydrologic and ecological impacts of atmospheric rivers in the western US, climate change, ecohydrology, conservation and climate adaptation planning

Publications & Presentations


Dickson, B., Albano, C. M., Anantharaman, R., Beier, P., Fargione, J., Graves, T., Gray, M., Hall, K., Lawler, J., Leonard, P., Littlefield, C., McClure, M., Novembre, J., Schloss, C., Schumaker, N., Shah, V., Theobald, D. (2019). Circuit-theory applications to connectivity science and conservation, Conservation Biology, 33, (2), 239-249, doi: 10.1111/cobi.13230 John Wiley & Sons, Ltd (10.1111)
Albano, C. M., Dettinger, M. D., McCarthy, M. I., McAfee, S. A. (2019). Techniques for specifying climate extreme stress test scenarios: a case study in the Truckee and Carson River basins, Nevada Water Resources Association Annual Meeting: Reno, NV, Presented
Albano, C. M., McClure, M., Gross, S., Kitlasten, W., Soulard, C., Morton, C. G., Huntington, J. L. (2019). Spatial patterns of meadow sensitivities to interannual climate variability in the Sierra Nevada, Ecohydrology, e2128, doi: 10.1002/eco.2128 John Wiley & Sons, Ltd


Albano, C. M., Dettinger, M., Harpold, A. (2018). Spatial and temporal variability of atmospheric river hydrologic impacts across the Western U.S., American Geophysical Union Fall Meeting: Washington DC, Presented
Albano, C. M., Dettinger, M., Harpold, A. (2018). Influences of atmospheric rivers on terrestrial water storage and fluxes in the Western US, 2nd International Atmospheric Rivers Conference: La Jolla, CA, Presented
Albano, C. M., Dettinger, M., McCarthy, M. I. (2018). Using climate extremes scenarios for climate adaptation planning: rationale and methods for scenario specification and design, Nevada Water Resources Association Fall Water Event: Reno, NV, Presented
McClure, M., Albano, C. M., Gross, S., Kitlasten, W., Morton, C. G., Huntington, J. L. (2018). Assessing climate vulnerabilities of Sierra Nevada meadows, Sierra Nevada Meadows Partnership Annual Meeting: Tahoe City, CA, Presented
Albano, C. M., Stevens, L. (2018). Wildlife: Invertebrates, Eds. Stortz, S. D., Aslan, C. E., Sisk, T. D., Chaudhry, T. A., Rundall, J. M., Palumbo, J., Zachmann, L., Dickson, B., Natural resource condition assessment: Greater Grand Canyon landscape assessment, National Park Service: Fort Collins, CO, Natural Resource Report NPS/GRCA/NRR-2018/1645
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Soulard, C., Albano, C. M., Villarreal, M., Walker, J. (2016). Continuous 1985-2012 Landsat monitoring to assess fire effects on meadows in Yosemite National Park, California, Remote Sensing, 8, (5), doi: 10.3390/rs8050371
Albano, C. M., Soulard, C. (2016). Understanding climate sensitivities of Sierra Nevada meadows as a foundation for prioritizing adaptation actions, Natural Areas Conference: Davis, CA, Presented
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Theobald, D., Harrison-Atlas, D., Monahan, W., Albano, C. M. (2015). Ecologically-relevant maps of landforms and physiographic diversity for climate adaptation planning, PLoS ONE, 10, (12), doi: 10.1371/journal.pone.0143619
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Brasher, A. M., Albano, C. M., Close, R. N., Cannon, Q. H., Miller, M. P. (2010). Macroinvertebrate communities and habitat characteristics in the northern and southern Colorado Plateau networks: pilot protocol implementation, National Park Service, Natural Resources Technical Report NPS/NCPN/NRTR-2010/320




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