Dr. Rina A. Schumer

Asst VP of Academic and Faculty Affairs
Transport, stochastic, probability, groundwater, advection-dispersion, sediment transport, stratigraphy, model, earth surface dynamics, hyporheic, mathematical, hydraulics, lidar, matlab

Professional Interests

Dr. Schumer's primary research interests involve stochastic models for environmental processes. She uses mathematical models to enhance understanding of subsurface transport in porous and fractured media, surface-subsurface exchange, sediment transport, as well as geomorphic processes and their signature in the geologic record. Using her background in applied mathematics, she also has projects that employ optimization techniques, time series analysis, extreme value theory, and probability and statistics.

Research Areas

  • Hydrology/Hydrogeology
  • Stochastic Processes
  • Optimization
  • Extreme Value Theory
  • Environmental Transport Processes
  • Statistical Hydrology
  • Stratigraphy
  • Geomorphology


Ph.D. 2002 University of Nevada, Reno Hydrogeology
M.S. 2000 University of Nevada, Reno, Applied Mathematics
M.S. 1997 University of Nevada, Reno, Hydrogeology
B.S. 1992 Wesleyan University Earth and Environmental Sciences

Academic Affiliations

Publications & Presentations


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