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Dr. Sarath K. Guttikunda

Affiliate Associate Research Professor

Professional Interests

A TED fellow and a trained Chemical Engineer, Sarath's research interests follow from his thesis work on the “Impact of Asian Megacity Emissions at a local, regional and global level” from the Center for Global and Regional Environmental Research at the University of Iowa. He is now working as an independent researcher at UrbanEmissions.Info in New Delhi, India, and the developer of the SIM-air (Simple Interactive Models for Better Air Quality) family of tools, dedicated for sharing information on air pollution and climate change among the developing country cities with applications in cities like Delhi, Pune, Chennai, Dhaka, Manila, Hanoi, Shanghai, Lagos, and Tana. He was part of the team which built India's first air quality forecasting system, piloted during the 2010 Commonwealth Games in Delhi and now exploring opportunities to expand to other cities in Asia. For more information on his research

Research Areas:

  • Air Pollution Modeling – Emissions, Dispersion, & Impact Assessment
  • Integrated Environmental Modeling
  • Urban Air Pollution Source Apportionment
  • Air Quality & Weather Forecasting


Degree InstitutionArea
Ph.D.   University of Iowa, Iowa City, USA Chemical Engineering
B. Tech.   Indian Institute of Technology, Kharagpur, India Chemical Engineering

Professional Experience

2012-present Affiliate Associate Research Professor, Division of Atmospheric Sciences, Desert Research Institute, Reno, NV, USA
2012-present Advisor (Technical), Clean Air Asia (India Office), Manila, Philippines
2011-present Director, UrbanEmissions.Info, New Delhi, India
2008-2012 Affiliate Assistant Research Professor, Division of Atmospheric Sciences, Desert Research Institute, Reno, NV, USA
2002-2007 Environmental Specialist, The World Bank, Washington DC, USA
1997-2002 Graduate Fellow, Center for Global and Regional Environmental Research, The University of Iowa, Iowa City, USA

Selected Publications, Reports and Presentations

Guttikunda, S. K., and R. Goel, (2013) “Health impacts of particulate pollution in a megacity – Delhi, India” Environmental Development

Guttikunda, S. K., and G. Calori (2013) “A GIS Based Emissions Inventory at 1km x 1km Spatial Resolution for Air Pollution Analysis in Delhi, India” Atmospheric Environment. Vol. 67, pp. 101–111

Guttikunda, S. K., R. Koppaka, P. Dasari and A. Gertler (2012) “Receptor Model Based Source Apportionment of Particulate Pollution in Hyderabad, India.” Environmental Monitoring and Assessment

Guttikunda, S. K., B. Begum, and Z. Wadud (2012) “Particulate Pollution from the Brick Kiln Clusters in the Greater Dhaka Region, Bangladesh.” Air Quality, Atmosphere, and Health

Guttikunda, S. K., and P. Jawahar (2012) “Application of the SIM-air Modeling Tools to Assess Air Quality in Indian Cities.” Atmospheric Environment. Vol. 62, pp. 551–561 

Guttikunda, S. K. (2012) “Air Pollution in Delhi – Then, Now, and Next” Economic and Political Weekly, Vol - XLVII No. 26-27, pp. 24-27

Guttikunda, S. K., and B. Gurjar (2012) “Role of Meteorology in Seasonality of Air Pollution in Megacity Delhi, India” Environmental Monitoring and Assessment. Vol. 184, No. 5, pp. 3199-3211

Guttikunda, S. K. and R. Koppaka (2012) Book chapter, “Co-Benefits of an Air Quality Management Action Plan for Transport Sector in Hyderabad, India” in “Low Carbon Transport in Asia: Capturing Climate and Development Co-benefits”, Earthscan Publishers, London, UK

Guttikunda, S. K. (2011) “Source Apportionment: Top-down and Bottom-up” An illustrated report on components of air quality management, New Delhi, India.

--, (2011) Book chapter, “Mitigation options and outlook for the future” in “Global Assessment of Black Carbon and Tropospheric Ozone”. Edited by United Nations Environmental Program (UNEP), New York, USA.

Johnson, T. M., S. K. Guttikunda, G. Wells, P. Artaxo, T. C. Bond, A. G. Russell, J. G. Watson, and J. West (2011) “Tools for Improving Air Quality Management - A Review of Top-down Source Apportionment Techniques and Their Application in Developing Countries” The World Bank, Washington D.C., USA

Aggarwal, A. L. and S. K. Guttikunda (2011) “Sharing air quality management practices between India and the European Union” Policy brief by EU-India Action Plan Support Facility (APSF), New Delhi, India 

-- (2010) Book chapter, “Air Pollution Modeling: Theory and Application” in “Air Pollution: Health & Environmental Impacts”, CRC Press-Taylor & Francis Group, Florida, USA. 

Guttikunda, S. K. (2009) “Clearing the Air in Delhi, India” Newsletter for the Academy of Sciences for the Developing World, Trieste, Italy, 21 (4), pp. 36

Guttikunda, S. K. (2008) “A Primer on Air Quality Management” An illustrated report on components of air quality management @, New Delhi, India. (Available in English, Spanish, and French)

-- (2008) “Developing Integrated Emissions Strategies for Existing Land-transport (DIESEL) program in Bangkok, Thailand.” The World Bank, Washington D.C., USA and Thailand Pollution Control Board. 

Guttikunda, S. K., Y. Tang, G. R. Carmichael, P. Li, G. Kurata, D. G. Streets and A. Fried (2005) “Investigation of Megacity Emissions Impact on Regional Air Pollution During the TRACE-P 2001 Experiment.” Journal of Geophysical Research. 110, No. D20301, 10.1029/2004JD004921

Guttikunda, S. K., T. M. Johnson, F. Liu, and J. J. Shah (2004) “Programs to Control Air Pollution and Acid Rain.” A Chapter in “Urbanization, Energy, and Air Pollution in China – The Challenges Ahead.” The National Academies Press, Washington D.C., USA, pp. 73-94.

Guttikunda, S. K., Y. Tang, G. R. Carmichael, P. Li, G. Kurata, D. G. Streets and A. Fried (2005) “Impacts of Asian megacity emissions on regional air quality during spring 2001.” Journal of Geophysical Research. 110, No. D20301, 10.1029/2004JD004921.

Tang, Y., G. R. Carmichael, G. Kurata, I. Uno, R. J. Weber, C-H. Song, S. K. Guttikunda, J-H. Woo, D.G. Streets, C. Wei, A. D. Clarke, B. Huebert and T. L. Andersen (2004) “The Impacts of Dust on Regional Tropospheric Chemistry During the ACE-Asia Experiment: A Model Study.” Journal of Geophysical Research. 109, No. D19S21, 10.1029/2003JD003806.

Li, J., S. K. Guttikunda, G. R. Carmichael, D. G. Streets, Y. S. Chang, and, V. Fung (2004) “Quantifying the Human Health Benefits of Curbing Air Pollution in Shanghai.” Journal of Environmental Management. 70, pp. 49-62.

Guttikunda, S. K., J. J. Yienger, N. Thongboonchoo, G. R. Carmichael, H. Levy II and D. G. Streets (2004). “Impact Assessment of Growing Asian Megacity Emissions.” Air Pollution Modeling and Its Applications XV, Edited by Carlos Borrego and Guy Schayes, Kluwer Academic Publishers, New York, USA, pp. 211-220. 

Uno, I., G. R. Carmicahel, D. G. Streets, Y. Tang, J. J. Yienger, S. Satake, Z. Wang, Jung-Hun Woo, S. K. Guttikunda, M. Uematsu, H. Tanimoto, K.Yoshioka and T. Iida (2003) “Regional Chemical Weather Forecasting using CFORS: Analysis of Surface Observations at Japanese Island Stations During the ACE-Asia Experiment.” Journal of Geophysical Research. 108, No. D23, 8668, 10.1029/2002JD002845.

Carmichael, G. R., Y. Tang, G. Kurata, I. Uno, D.G. Streets, N. Thongboonchoo, J-H Woo, S. K. Guttikunda, A. White, T. Wang, D.R. Blake, E. Atlas, A. Fried, B. Potter, M.A. Avery, G.W. Sachse, S.T. Sandholm, Y. Kondo, R.W. Talbot, A. Bandy, D. Thorton, A.D. Clarke (2003) “Evaluating Regional Emission Estimates Using TRACE-P Measurements.” Journal of Geophysical Research. 108, No. D21, 8812, 10.1029/2002JD003200.

Guttikunda, S. K., G. R. Carmichael, G. Calori, C. Eck, and J-H, Woo (2003) “The Contribution of Megacities to Regional Sulfur Pollution in Asia.” Atmospheric Environment, 37, No.1, pp. 11-22.



Guttikunda, S. K., Kopakaa, R. V., Dasari, P., Gertler, A. W., 2013: Receptor model-based source apportionment of particulate pollution in Hyderabad, India, Monit. Assess., 185, 5585-5593, Published


Guttikunda, S. K., Gurjar, B. R., 2012: Role of meteorology in seasonality of air pollution in megacity Delhi, India, Environ. Mon. Assess., 184, (5), 3199-3211, Published
Guttikunda, S. K., Gurjar, B. R., 2012: Role of meteorology in seasonality of air pollution in megacity Delhi, India, Environ. Mon. Assess., 184, (5), 3199-3211, Published



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