Arlen W. Huggins

Hourly Associate Research Scientist
CCN, cloud microphysics

Professional Interests

Dr. Huggins's research interests center on cloud and aerosol physics. He has made extensive field measurements of cloud condensation nuclei (CCN) in various parts of the world. He compares the CCN spectra with cloud droplet spectra to obtain a better fundamental understanding of cloud physics. He is also interested in differentiating between man made and natural CCN. This is important in determining anthropogenic effects on clouds which is important for global climatic considerations. Recent work has also involved physical characterization of CCN (volatility and the relationship between physical size and critical supersaturation) in order to understand sources. This and the interstitial and droplet residue measurements are now better done with the two matched DRI CCN spectrometers as has been done in two of his most recent aircraft research projects.

Research Areas

  • Atmospheric Chemistry
  • Climate Dynamics
  • Physical Meteorology


Ph.D. 1976 University of Nevada, Reno Atmospheric Physics
M.S. 1970 University of Michigan Physics
B.S. 1968 Western Michigan University Physics and Mathematics

Publications & Presentations


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