Jessica D. Larsen

Staff Research Scientist Ecologist


  • M.S., Environmental and Natural Resource Science, University of Nevada
  • B.S., University of Nevada Reno, Geography

Professional Experience

  • Staff Research Scientist, Desert Research Institute, Reno, NV (2005 - present)
  • Graduate Research Assistant, Desert Research Institute, Reno, NV (2003 - 2005)
  • Research Assistant, University of Iowa, Iowa City, IA (Summer 2001, 2002)

Research Experience

  • Plant physiological ecology
  • Climate change
  • Measurement and analysis of ecosystem CO2 and H2O fluxes from arid, semi-arid, and agricultural ecosystems using static chamber and eddy covariance techniques
  • Plant stress physiology (water, salinity, temperature, nutrients)
  • Ethylene biosynthesis (ethylene gas measurements, enzyme assays)
  • Isotopic analysis of xylem water (source water determination)
  • Measuring volatile compound emissions from plants
  • Using biochar as a soil amendment
  • Extensive fieldwork experience in desert, mountain, and agricultural ecosystems
  • Monitoring changes in canopy development (% greenness index, NDVI, LAI, point quadrat method)
  • Evaporating and combusting dissolved organic carbon samples

Current Projects

  • Eddy covariance and static chamber measurements of CO2 fluxes in arid, semi-arid and agricultural ecosystems
  • Eddy covariance and static chamber measurements of evapotranspiration in arid, semi-arid, and agricultural ecosystems
  • Developing thermal conversion options for biorefinery residues
  • Biochar as a soil amendment

Publications & Presentations


Arnone, J.A. III, Jasoni, R. L., Larsen, J. D., Berli, M., Speicher, B. T. (2015). Critical Review of the Literature on LasseniteTM and Other Internally Porous Inorganic Soil Amendments, Accepted
Jasoni, R. L., Larsen, J. D., Arnone, J.A. III (2015). Measuring the effects of fluoride in irrigation water on alfalfa yield, and fluoride in plant biomass and soils, Accepted
Jasoni, R. L., Robbins, C. M., Larsen, J. D., Steinmann, F. (2015). The effect of different biochar amounts on plant biomass production, plant tissue nutrient content, and water holding capacity, Submitted
Samburova, V., McDaniel, M. R., Khlystov, A. Y., Jasoni, R. L., Larsen, J. D., Arnone, J.A. III, Omaye, S. (2015). Quantifying volatile organic gaseous emissions from hops (Humulus lupulus), as a surrogate for Cannabis, grown in DRI's EcoCELL controlled environment facility


Jasoni, R. L., Larsen, J. D., Lyles, B. F., Healey, J. M., Cooper, C. A., Hershey, R. L. (2012). Data Report: Meteorological and Evapotranspiration Data from Sagebrush and Pinyon Pine/Juniper Communities at Pahute Mesa, Nevada National Security Site, 2011-2012, Desert Research Institute Publication No. 45248


Arnone, J.A. III, Verburg, P.S.J., Johnson, D. W., Larsen, J. D., Jasoni, R. L., Lucchesi, A. J., Batts, C. M., Von Nagy, C., Coulombe, W., Schorran, D. E., Buck, P., Braswell, B. H., Coleman, J. S., Sherry, R. A., Wallace, L. L., Luo, Y., Schimel, D. S. (2008). Prolonged suppression of ecosystem carbon dioxide uptake following an anomalously warm year, Nature, 455, 383-386
Stamenkovic, J., Gustin, M. S., Arnone, J.A. III, Johnson, D. W., Larsen, J. D., Verburg, P.S.J. (2008). Atmospheric mercury exchange with a tallgrass prairie ecosystem housed in mesocosms, Science of the Total Environment, 406, 227-238


Thomas, J. M., Decker, D. L., Patterson, G. L., Peterman, Z. E., Mihevc, T. M., Larsen, J. D., Hershey, R. L. (2007). Yucca Mountain area saturated zone dissolved organic carbon isotopic data, Yucca Mountain Nevada System of Higher Education Final Report


Verburg, P.S.J., Larsen, J. D., Johnson, W. W., Schorran, D. E., Arnone, J.A. III (2005). Impacts of an anomalously warm year on soil CO2 efflux in experimentally manipulated intact tallgrass prairie ecosystems, Global Change Biology, 11, (39), 1720-1732



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