Dr. Joe J. Grzymski

Associate Research Professor Biology
Microbiology, Microbial Ecology, Computational Biology, Nevada, NGS, Next generation sequencing, Antarctica, Synthetic biology, diatoms, transcriptomics, bioengineering, protein design, Evozym, STEM, Dilworth Academy

Current Research Projects


Ph.D. Rutgers University, Institute of Marine and Coastal Sciences
B.A. Bowdoin College, Departments of Biology and Philosophy

Field Experience

2006 Mt. Erebus and Miers Valley, Antarctica
2005 Mammoth Hot Springs, Yellowstone National Park
2004 Extreme 2004 Hydrothermal Vent Cruise, East Pacific Rise
2004 Long Term Ecological Research Cruise, Antarctic Peninsula
2003 Extreme 2003 Hydrothermal Vent Cruise, East Pacific Rise
2002 Santa Barbara Basin Cruise
2001 Palmer Station, Antarctica
2000 McMurdo Station, Antarctica
1999 European Large Scale Mesocosm Facility, Trondheim, Norway
1999 Long Term Ecosystem Observatory (LEO), New Jersey continental shelf
1998 Long Term Ecosystem Observatory (LEO), New Jersey continental shelf
1997 Long Term Ecosystem Observatory (LEO), New Jersey continental shelf
1996 Long Term Ecosystem Observatory (LEO), New Jersey continental shelf
1995 Svalbard, Norway and Arctic Ocean

Selected Publications

Soo RM, Wood SA, Grzymski JJ, McDonald IR, Cary SC. 2009.
Microbial biodiversity of thermophilic communities in hot mineral soils of Tramway Ridge, Mount Erebus, Antarctica. Env. Microbiol. 11(3):715-728.

Grzymski JJ, Murray AE, Campbell BJ, Kaplarevic M, Gao GR, Lee C, Daniel R, Ghadiri A, Feldman RA,
and Cary SC. 2008. Metagenome analysis of an extreme microbial symbiosis reveals eurythermal adaptation and metabolic flexibility. Proc Natl Acad Sci USA. 105(45) 17516-17521.

Marsh AG and Grzymski JJ. 2008.
System, method and identification of antibiotic drug targeting sites in proteins of pathogenic bacteria. Invention Disclosure.

Liu Y, Edens GJ, Grzymski J, Mauzerall D. 2008.
Volume and enthalpy changes of proton transfers in the bacteriorhodopsin photocycle studied by millisecond time-resolved photopressure measurements Biochem. 47(29) 7752-7761.

Murray, A. and Grzymski, J.J. 2007
Diversity and genomics of Antarctic marine microorganisms. Phil Trans R Soc B 362(1488) 2259-2272.

Grzymski, J.J., Carter, B., DeLong, E., Feldman, R., Ghadiri, A., Murray, A., 2006.
Comparative analysis of genome fragments from 6 uncultured Antarctic marine, planktonic bacteria reveals widespread amino acid modification towards cold adaptation. Appl. Env. Micro. 72(2) 1532-41.

Mauzerall D, Liu Y, Edens GJ, Grzymski, J. 2003.
Measurement of enthalpy and volume changes in photoinitiated reactions on the ms timescale with a novel pressure cell. Photoch. Photobio. Sci. 2 (7): 788-790.

Edens, G.J, Liu, Y., Grzymski, J., and Mauzerall, D. 2002.
Pressure cell for time-resolved calorimetric measurements of photo-initiated reactions on the fractional millisecond and longer time scale. Review of Scientific Instruments.74(4)2523-2529.

Grzymski, J., Schofield, O., Bernhard, J., and Falkowski, P. 2002.
The function of plastids in the deep-sea benthic foraminifer, Nonionella stella. Limnology and Oceanography. 47: 1569-1580. http://www.aslo.org/lo/toc/vol_47/issue_6/1569.pdf

Grzymski J. Moline MA, and Cullen JT. 2002.
Modeling the atmosphere/ocean CO2 cycle in relation to surface iron concentrations. In: Modeling Dynamic Systems: Dynamic Modeling for Marine Conservation. Lindholm J. and Ruth