David B. Simeral

Associate Research Scientist Climatology
Cartography, climate, climate observational networks, climate variability, drought, drought impacts, drought monitoring, GIS, meteorological instrumentation, mountain climatology, mountain meteorology, physical geography

Professional Interests

Mr. Simeral's interests cover a broad spectrum within the fields of climatology, meteorology, physical geography, and snow science. Mr. Simeral has extensive experience in the design, implementation, and operations of weather-climate observation networks as well as cartography, drought monitoring, GIS, and spatial analysis of climate data.

Over the past 14 years at the Desert Research Institute and Western Regional Climate Center, Mr. Simeral has worked on a wide variety of projects in the fields of meteorology and climatology with state, federal, and university entities including: Bureau of Land Management, California Department of Water Resources, California Energy Commission, Coordinating Research Council, Fallon Naval Air Station, National Center for Atmospheric Research, National Climatic Data Center, National Integrated Drought Information System, National Park Service Inventory and Monitoring Program, National Renewable Energy Laboratory, National Science Foundation, National Weather Service, Northern Arizona University, Scripps Institution of Oceanography, Southwestern Research Station, State of Wyoming, Storm Peak Laboratory, White Mountain Research Center, University of California Natural Reserve System, University of Nevada-Reno, U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, and U.S Geological Survey. From 2009-2011, Mr. Simeral was a lead site surveyor for the NOAA U.S. Regional Climate Reference Network.

Currently, Mr. Simeral is one of ten national authors for the U.S. Drought Monitor and serves on several steering committees for the NOAA National Integrated Drought Information System including: California-Nevada Drought Early Warning System (DEWS), Intermountain West DEWS, and Pacific Northwest DEWS. Additionally, Mr. Simeral is currently working with National Park Service Pacific Island Network (Hawaiian Islands, American Samoa, Guam, Saipan) and on a collaborative project funded by the National Science Foundation with the Southwestern Research Station (American Museum of Natural History).


M.A. 2005 Northern Arizona University Physical Geography
B.S. 1994 Arizona State University Physical Geography

Publications & Presentations


Simeral, D. B. (2016). Pacific Northwest Drought Outlook, Invited Speaker: National Integrated Drought Information System (NIDIS) Pacific Northwest Drought Early Warning System Kickoff Meeting: Portland, OR, February 2, 2016