Dr. Tam U. Wall

Assistant Research Professor Climatology
wildfire, climate, social science

Professional Interests

Dr. Tamara Wall is a researcher in the Western Regional Climate Center (WRCC); the program for Climate, Ecosystem, and Fire Applications (CEFA); and the California-Nevada Applications Program (CNAP). She is involved in several on-going and planned projects related to integrating social science research with the production of climate knowledge and services at CNAP and the WRCC. These projects include 1) a mixed-method project to identify how managers in the water sector perceive the salience and legitimacy of available climate information as well as the overall accessibility of sources for climate information; 2) an on-line survey of WRCC users, and 3) an assessment of lead PI and stakeholders relationships and interactions at CNAP and the WRCC.

Research Areas

  • Public use of science and the communication of climate attribution and uncertainty
  • Demographics and migration trends in the American West
  • Environmental hazards and the distribution of risk across landscapes in natural and human-coupled systems

Research Project Websites


Ph.D. 2007 The University of Montana, Missoula, MT Interdisciplinary  Studies, emphasis geography
M.A. 1992 New Mexico State University, Las Cruces, NM  Technical and Professional Communication
B.A. 1990 Southern Illinois University, Carbondale, IL  English 

Selected Publications

Journal Articles/Book Chapters/Citations

Wall, T., A.L. Knox Velez, J. Diaz, (2014). Wildfire Readiness in the Southern California Wildland-Urban Interface. Download Report.

Wall, T., G. Garfin, and J. Galayada, (2012). Evaluating Our Capacity: a discussion of capability for ongoing climate assessment in the Colorado River Basin. http://www.climas.arizona.edu/publications/2375

Wall, T.U., and C. von Reichert (2012). Divorce as an Influence in Return Migration to Rural Areas. Population, Space and Place. DOI: 10.1002/psp.1719

Wall, T.U., and S.J. Halvorson (2011). Wildfire Research in an Environmental Hazards Course: An Active Learning Approach. Journal of Geography.

Wall, T.U. (2008). Book Review, Roger G. Kennedy. Wildfire & Americans: How to Save Lives, Property, and Your Tax Dollars. Environment. November/December issue.

Publications & Presentations


Meadow, A., Wall, T. U., Horangic, A. M. (2015). Evaluating the Impact of Climate Science Produced in the Southwest Climate Science Center on Resource Management Agency Decisions, Presentation, 95th AMS Annual Meeting: Phoenix, AZ, January 6, 2015
Meadow, A., Ferguson, D., Guido, Z., Horangic, A. M., Owen, G., Wall, T. U. (2015). Moving toward the Deliberate Coproduction of Climate Science Knowledge, Weather Climate and Society, 7, (2), 179-191, doi: 10.1175/wcas-d-14-00050.1


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