DAS Research Programs

ASCENT: Atmospheric Science Collaborations and Enriching NeTworks

Focusing on women in atmospheric science/meteorology, this program is designed to initiate positive professional relationships among female faculty of different ranks and postdoctoral researchers. ascent.dri.edu

CEFA: Climate, Ecosystem and Fire Applications

CEFA provides products and information related to climate, weather, fire and natural resources. The program for Climate, Ecosystem and Fire Applications (CEFA) is a partnership between the Desert Research Institute and federal land management agencies, and chartered with the National Wildfire Coordinating Group (NWCG) Fire Environment Committee. cefa.dri.edu

DRI Cloud Seeding Program

As a form of weather modification, wintertime cloud seeding is aimed at enhancing snowfall in mountainous regions to increase the snowpack, resulting in more spring runoff and water supplies in the surrounding areas. Our program focuses on the quantitative evaluation of winter storm cloud seeding using ultra trace chemical analysis of snow samples, atmospheric model simulations of seeding plume transport, and hydrologic modeling to estimate the additional runoff due to cloud seeding.

GRASP: Geoscience Research at Storm Peak Laboratory

This year-long program providing exceptional field research experiences for a diverse group of undergraduate students focused on atmospheric science with a high-elevation location, exceptional instrumentation, and a staff of knowledgeable scientists and educators. grasp.stormpeak.dri.edu

Storm Peak Laboratory

A permanent mountain-top facility, Storm Peak Laboratory (SPL), has been in existence in various forms for more than nineteen years. This facility provides a practical, easily accessible facility for researchers, teachers and students of all ages and abilities. stormpeak.dri.edu

WRCC: Western Regional Climate Center

The regional climate center program is equipped  to disseminate high quality climate data and information pertaining to the western United States; foster better use of this information in decision-making; conduct applied research related to climate issues; and improve the coordination of climate-related activities at state, regional and national scales. wrcc.dri.edu

Atmospheric Sciences (DAS)
Air quality and atmospheric research including meteorology, visibility and pollutant transport.

Western Regional Climate Center
Climate Information and Data Services
Providing jointly developed products, services and capabilities that enhance the delivery of public climate info.

Diversity at DRI
An Inclusive Mission of Research Excellence
Diversity at DRI
Offering a supportive and diverse environment for our students, faculty/staff and visitors.

Land and Life
Earth and Ecosystems Sciences (DEES)
Research into changing landscapes including the soils, plants, animals and humans that affect them.

K-12 Outreach and Education
Supporting Nevada educators in science-based, environmental education with free tools, resources, and training.

Renewable Energy at DRI
Discovering New Energy Production Methods
dri-renewable-energyExpanding renewable energy research throughout Nevada and around the U.S.

Hydrologic Sciences (DHS)
Study of the natural and human factors that influence the availability and quality of water resources.

DRI Nevada Medal Event
2015 Medalist - Dr. Christopher McKay
Proudly honoring outstanding achievement in science and engineering with gala events in Reno and Las Vegas.

Nevada Center of Excellence
Supporting Nevada's Economic Development
Center of ExcellenceCombining NSHE water expertise and IBM’s advanced technologies to grow tomorrow's workforce.