Shipping hazardous materials (HM - also known as "Dangerous Goods" (DG)) is regulated by several governmental and non-governmental organizations.  In the context of these rules, shipping includes mailing, shipping via a commercial carrier and even carrying items with you on an airplane.   A dangerous good may be a hazardous chemical, but it also includes certain batteries/equipment with batteries, biological materials, radioactive materials, gas powered equipment, lab equipment that has been used with hazardous materials, and the list goes on and on.  (See Introduction to Hazardous Materials Shipments). There are also many items that can be overlooked as dangerous, referred to as Hidden Dangerous Goods.  Failure to properly ship what the Department of Transportation considers as hazardous material and IATA considers a dangerous good carries severe penalties and could result in a roadway or airline accident, leading to environmental damage and possibly death. For this reason, those making hazardous materials or dangerous goods shipments must receive the required, proper training. 

DRI dangerous goods shippers can take online training at DOT/IATA Dangerous Goods Shipper Training.  After completing the online portion, a practical demonstration (through DRI EH&S or the shipping consultant) is required for the first shipment made.  If you would like to ship dangerous goods, have completed the online training, and require assistance, please fill out the shipping request form in the link below. 


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The DRI EH&S Department thanks Andy Glode, University of New Hampshire OEHS and Matt Finucane, University of Pennsylvania EHRS for use of the hazardous materials/dangerous goods information posted to their respective websites, which served as the basis for the development of much of the shipping information posted below.

Hazardous Materials (Dangerous Goods) Shipping Guidelines

img RedDotNote: Currently all DRI shipments of Dangerous Goods must be sent via FedEx Air.

 Shipping Batteries/Equipment Containing Batteries 

Carrier/Agency-Provided Guidelines and Links

Contact: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. if assistance is required.  If EH&S can not be reached, and your shipment needs to go out, you may contact Zoubek Consulting, LLC at 619-618-5436.