Earn a scholarship for a SANS cybersecurity course, SANS certification,
and hands-on internship at DRI.

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Gain hands-on experience building cyber protection systems to NIST standards, treating malware infections, and defending against real-time denial of service attacks.

What is this program?

In this pioneering new program, Northern Nevada residents can earn scholarships to participate in the SANS CyberStart Essentials course, the CyberStart Essentials certification exam, and then participate in a 120-hour, hands-on cybersecurity internship at DRI.

SANS is a world-renowned research and education organization with information security graduate degrees and certificates recognized industry-wide. CyberStart Essentials covers computer hardware, encryption, Linux, and more. Students who complete the course will have the opportunity to take the certifying exam. 

The DRI Cybersecurity internship will provide hands-on experience to students in building cyber infrastructure using best practices from the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST). The internship will prepare students to install, configure, and harden operating systems; validate operating systems against NIST standards; and cover penetration and testing. Students will learn about treating malware infections, defending against real-time denial of service attacks, and providing security awareness training to end-users. Students will train in DRI’s new cyber range to practice state-of-the-art hacking tools in our advanced facilities. Students can earn TMCC or WNC credit for this 120-hour, semester-long experience (the student is responsible for the cost of credits at their respective institutions).

Who can participate?

What does the face of the new cybersecurity expert look like? It could very likely be you!

We are looking for students enrolled in two-year colleges, recent high school graduates, and people interested in a career change. No cybersecurity training or experience necessary.

Completers of the DRI Cybersercurity Internship Program will be qualified for positions including enterprise defender, security analyst, cyber-awareness trainer, and National Guard cyber-guard member.

How to apply:

To be considered for the scholarship, you must complete an application, which is a two-part process: the online application, and the SANS CyberStart Game. 

The Application:

We are now accepting applications for the program. The application is a two-part process:

  1. Online form: Your resume/CV, a letter of support, and unofficial transcripts (where applicable).
  2. SANS CyberStart Game. This five-day, fun and interactive game will help gauge your skills in solving puzzles, cracking codes, and creating new software tools to find security flaws and protect our resources. The game will open on June 18th and will run through June 22nd.  The highest scorers will be considered first for the scholarships. A launch session will be held on DRI’s campus. The challenges involve things like cryptography, web attacks, forensics, programming, and learning a bit about Linux.

If you are selected, you will be awarded:

  • * Tuition coverage for the SANS Anatomy of Cybersecurity Course
  • * Tuition coverage for SANS Anatomy of Cybersecurity Certification exam
  • * An internship in cybersecurity at DRI (where students wish to earn credit, the student is responsible for the cost of credits at their respective institutions).

Program Timeline:



What it involves

Application deadline

May 31, 2018

Submit your resume, a letter of recommendation, and your unofficial transcript to our website

CyberStart Game

June 18-22, 2018

Interactive game to gauge your cybersecurity skills. Top scorers will earn scholarships.

Scholarships awarded

Mid-July 2018

Awardees will be notified.

CyberStart Essentials Course

August 2018

Awardees will begin the five-day intensive course at DRI.

Cybersecurity Internship

Fall 2018 (Aug – Dec)

Hands-on experience in hardening systems in DRI’s new cyber range.

CyberStart Essentials Certification

Fall 2018

With the support of DRI instructors and your class, we will form study groups and prepare for the certification exam.