Collaborative research: Development of a luminescence dating capability for Antarctic glaciomarine sediments: Tests of signal zeroing at the Antarctic peninsula

Affiliation(s)PIProject PeriodFunded by

Berger, Glenn

September 2000 - September 2003 This material is based upon work supported by the National Science Foundation under Grant No. OPP-9909665

Keywords: luminescence, dating, Antarctic Peninsula, glaciomarine sediments

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Dr. Glenn Berger, as Principal Investigator, is monitoring  deployment of sampling packages (e.g., suspension-sampling bottles) Part of  the cruise track at the Larsen B ice shelf. The area between the blue  and white lines collapsed dramatically a few weeks after this cruise  ended. This collapse, manifesting late 20th century regional warming,  has since been shown by co-PI Domack and colleagues to have been  unprecedented in the last ca. 12,000 yrs. Recovering  suspension samples on the U.S. research icebreaker N.B. Palmer during  cruise NBP01-07 to the Antarctic Peninsula.
Cruise  scene Cruise  scene    

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