Algal-Based Fuels

DRI | UNR | UNLV $362,006 (49,502) 1 DOE (UNLV)
NSHE Faculty:
Kent Hoekman
Amber Broch (DRI) Henry Sun (DRI) Kumud Acharya (DRI) Barbara Zielinska (DRI)
John Cushman
Mano Misra
Jian Ma
Chulsung Bae
Yingtao Jiang
Oliver Hemmers (UNLV)        

As part of this study, we will explore new analytical techniques to provide rapid, direct characterization of triglycerides in algal samples, without requiring pre-treatment to isolate the fatty acid component from algae.  Second, we will create a culture collection of indigenous microalgae for biofuel research in Nevada by screening natural aquatic habitats, such as hot springs, and anthropogenic habitats such as the Las Vegas wash, which consists of treated wastewater, for algae that could be potentially mass produced as feedstock for biofuel production.  Third, we will investigate the value of wastewater as a nutrient source and growth medium for lipid-rich algal species. Click here  to download final report.


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