NNSC Archaeology and Paleoecology Laboratory

DEES David Rhode

Lab Description


The Northern Nevada Science Center (NNSC) Archaeology and Paleoecology Laboratory is well-equipped to handle archaeological identification, analysis, preservation, and curation of artifacts, ecofacts, and faunal remains in secure and climate controlled conditions. The laboratory has special capabilities to investigate archaeobotanical evidence, including packrat middens, plant macrofossils (e.g., seeds and charcoal), phytoliths (microscopic mineral bodies made by plants and preserved in sediments), coprolites (fossil feces), and pollen.   

In addition to a substantial archaeological and paleoecological reference library, DRI has extensive comparative collection of plant macrofossils and charcoal, a state-of-the-art flotation tank to efficiently remove samples from soils and sediments, a suite of microscopes, and a table top SEM for sample preparation, analysis, and identification.