Using satellite imagery, radar, and weather maps, track weather conditions at present, for the past, and future forecasts.

Present Weather

Satellite Images

IR Images Visible Images
NOAA WRH Satellite Images NRL Satellite Images
GOES West IR loop GOES West Vis loop
GOES West Central Coast IR GOES West Central Coast Vis
GOES West Central Coast IR loop GOES West Central Coast Vis loop
GOES West Central Plains IR GOES West Central Plains Vis
GOES West Central Plains IR loop GOES West Central Plains Vis loop

Radar Images

Radar Image Sources Individual Radar Images Radar VAD Images
Plymouth State Radar Page Sacramento (KDAX) Current Image Reno NEXRAD VAD Image
NCAR Radar Page Elko (KLRX) Current Image Elko NEXRAD VAD Image
Grand Mesa NEXRAD Reno (KRGX) Current Image Grand Junction NEXRAD VAD Image
  Grand Junction (KFTG) Sacramento NEXRAD VAD Image
  Denver (KFTG)  

Weather Maps

Map Pages Upper Air Maps Surface Maps
UNISYS Weather Page U. of WYO Upper Air N.CA-NV-OR-UT
NWS Fax Charts NCAR Upper Air S. CA-NV-UT-AZ
US IR-Sfc_radar map   WA-OR-ID-N. CA-N. NV
Icing Reports and Forecasts   CO-UT-WY-NE-KS

Upper Air Soundings

Sounding Text Data Sounding Text Data and Images Profiler and PIREP Data
N. Illinois U. Soundings U. of WYO Soundings NOAA ETL West Coast Network
NOAA FSL RAOBs NCAR Soundings Plots Aviation Weather

Web Cam Weather

Web Cam Images Web Cam Images Web Cam Images
Grand Valley, CO Tunnel Creek Lodge CalTrans Traffic Cams
Winter Park Resort, CO Sequoia N.P. Mineral King Views from Elko, NV
Durango Mountain Resort, CO Northstar Resort, CA Squaw Valley High Camp-360 Cam
Powderhorn Resort, CO Sugar Bowl Resort, CA Alpine Meadows Summit-360 Cam
Heavenly Resort, CA Elko Mnt, NV (6470 ft) Wx Cam Ward Peak, CA (8521 ft) Wx Cam
Lake Tahoe UNR Fire (multiple cams) East Manse Rd, NV (2989 ft) Wx Cam  FASMEE Fire Cam, Manning Cr, UT
Shaver Lake, CA (5627 ft) Wx Cam Buffalo Creek, NV (4786 ft) Wx Cam  Mt Pluto, CA (8587 ft) Wx Cam

Surface Observations and Reports

Remote Weather Data Remote Weather Data Mesonet Data
Central Sierra Snow Lab DRI Northern NV Science Center NV Road Wx Info Service (RWIS)
Squaw Valley Base Tim Brown in South Reno CA-NV All Site Mesonet Map
Squaw Peak on Sierra NV crest Incline Creek W. of Mt. Rose NWS Reno-Tahoe Mesonet Map
Squaw Valley High Camp Sugar Bowl Ski Area NWS Elko Mesonet Map
Alpine Meadows Weather Glenshire 3 mi E. of Truckee MesoWest Data
Slide Mountain

Whitewater: Grand Mesa, CO (9985 ft)

Sierra Avalanche Center Wx Map

Northstar Ski Resort, CA (8587 ft)

Frost: Cedaredge, CO (10297 ft)  
Sagehen Creek Expt. Station Milk Creek: Cedaredge, CO (8038 ft)
Sorensen's Resort: Hope Valley, CA Wells Gulch: Cedaredge, CO (6617 ft)   
Spooner Summit, CA (7040 ft) Mancos, CO (8595 ft)  
Ward Peak, CA (8521 ft) Purgatory, CO (10795 ft)  
Barker Pass, CA (7782 ft) Denver Water: Winter Park, CO (8964 ft)  
Echo Summit, CA (7174 ft) Blue Ridge: Winter Park, CO (10372 ft)  
Conway Summit, CA (9500 ft) *offline Lidar Ceilometer: Winter Park, CO (8825 ft)  
Kingvale Student View (6048 ft) *offline Hastings Mesa: Placerville, CO (8825 ft)


Bunker Hill Lookout, CA (7524 ft) Riordan: Ruby Mnts Elko, NV (6128 ft)  
FASMEE Manning Cr, UT (9666 ft) Elko Mnt, NV (6470 ft)  
Lee Canyon Ski Area, NV (10954 ft) East Manse Rd, NV (2989 ft)  
DRI Stead Facility, NV Demo (5,050 ft) Buffalo Creek, NV (4786 ft)  
Homewood Mountain Resort (7,202 ft) Rock Creek, NV (4901 ft)  

Past Weather

Climate, Precipitation, Etc.

Real Time Precipitation Data SNOTELand Precipitation Climate Links
CNRFC Precip Maps CA & NV Basin Summaries Western Regional Climate Center
CDWR Real Time Data WRCC Plots and Data El Nino and La Nina
Lake Davis NRCS Plots and Data WRCC's Great Basin Weather and Climate Dashboard
Blue Canyon Nevada 24-hour Precip Totals  
Huysink Reservoir Recent Hourly Precipitation  
Hell Hole Reservoir    
Grizzly Ridge    
Greek Store    

Future Weather

Model Output and Sounding Forecasts

Model Output Colorado Avalanche Information Center (CAIC) WRF Forecasts
UNISYS Model Page CAIC WRF Model Page
NCAR RAP Model Page CAIC WRF Colorado Point Forecasts
Navy NOGAPS Model Page CAIC WRF Telluride Forecast
CANSAC WRF Realtime Forecasts CAIC WRF Durango Mnt. Resort Forecast
  CAIC WRF Winter Park Forecast

MM5 Forecasts of Cloud Seeding Criteria

Tahoe-Truckee Forecast Northeast Nevada Forecast Walker Basin Forecast

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