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Why ‘Cloud Seeding’ Is Increasingly Attractive To The Thirsty West Feb. 20, 2018 Huffington Post
Drone cloud-seeding focus of Nevada Project May 22, 2016 Las Vegas Review Journal
Scientists are controlling the weather May 20, 2016 Outside Magazine
Cloud seeding can help increase snowfall, but should it? March 18, 2016 Transworld Snowboarding
Can cloud seeding cure Nevada's drought? April 13, 2015 Nevada Public Radio
New cloud seeding study from Wyoming Dec. 27, 2014

High Country News

Cloud seeding, no longer magical thinking, is poised for use this winter Oct. 6, 2014 Sacramento Bee
Fact Checker: Is cloud seeding making Ely drier? Feb. 16, 2013 Reno Gazette Journal


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DRI unmanned cloud seeding realizes beyond visual line of sight Feb. 16, 2017 DRI Newsroom
DRI unmanned cloud-seeding project gains ejectable flare capability June 23, 2016 DRI Newsroom
Unmanned cloud-seeding aircraft takes flight in Nevada May 3, 2016 DRI Newsroom
Autonomous cloud seeding aircraft successfully tested in Nevada Feb 23, 2016 DRI Newsroom


This is a historical overview of DRI's weather modification program. 


Nevada State Cloud Seeding Program

The Nevada State Cloud Seeding Program is currently conducted in the Lake Tahoe Basin, the Spring Mountains, Ruby Mountains, and Santa Rosa Mountains. The current (2018-2019) program was funded under the 2017 Nevada State Legislature’s Assembly Bill Number 518, section 68, which passed on May 30, 2017. That funding ($680k) allowed DRI scientists to restart the Nevada State Cloud Seeding Program, and allowed DRI to invest in ground-based cloud seeding infrastructure and equipment needed to expand cloud seeding research and operations in both Southern and Eastern Nevada.

Nevada 2018 19mapMap of DRI's cloud seeding sites for winter 2018-2019 as part of the Nevada State Cloud Seeding Program.

Supporting Nevada's water needs through DRI's weather modifcation program

State of Nevada Nevada System of Higher Education

 Colorado Water Conservation Board wrwc


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