Air Quality

Our faculty have a rich legacy of research in science related to characterizing and quantifying air pollutants and their roles in affecting air quality, impairing visibility, and more recently evaluating exposure of humans to air pollutants in different environments.

Atmospheric Science research in this study area has included the evaluation of meteorological model output used in air quality modeling, using back-trajectory analysis to validate receptor modeling results, including the development of new hybrid modeling approaches (e.g., weighting receptor modeling results by transport frequency), and using output from meteorological models for smoke emissions forecasting. Our researchers have also applied their skills to evaluate the effect of meteorological conditions when comparing column total satellite derived aerosol information to surface aerosol measurements.

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Meet John Watson, Ph.D.
Andrey Khlystov, Ph.D.
Observationally-Constrained Estimates of Effective Radiative Forcing from Aerosol Radiation Interactions
Scientific Peer Review of Science Activities in the Lake Tahoe Basin
Chemical Analysis of PM10 and PM2.5 Filters from Mammoth Lakes
Ozone Modeling and Emission Control Strategies for the Lake Tahoe Basin
Fugitive Sources of PM10 and Laboratory Analysis of Airborne Samples
Developing an Urban Air Quality Management Program in Jakarta
Implications of Arctic Sea Ice Reduction on Tropospheric Bromine, Ozone, and Mercury Chemical Process, Transport and Distribution
PM2.5 Filter Laboratory Analysis Program
Air Quality Resource Briefs
Collaborative Research: The Reno Atmospheric Mercury Inter-Comparison Experiment
State of New Hampshire v Hess Corporation - Expert Services Retention Agreement
OAL Research Projects
Cairo Source Attribution Study
Weather Data Collection - Bango Oil
MRI: Development of a Cavity Ring-Down Sensor for Real-Time Measurement of Atmospheric Mercury Concentrations and Fluxes (ARRA)
PM 10 & PM 2.5 Filter Analysis
PM2.5 Filter Laboratory Analysis Program
Mercury Oxidation and Depletion in the Reactive Halogen Enriched Troposphere of the Dead Sea
Effects of Global Change on the Atmospheric Mercury Burden and Mercury Sequestration Through Changes in Ecosystem Carbon Pools
Inland Air-Quality Impacts from Urbanization of the Israeli-Gaza Mediterranean Coast
Advanced IMPROVE Studies
Carbon Analysis of IMPROVE Filters
Union Pac RR Emissions

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