Projecting Climate Change Mitigation and Adaptation in Fire-Prone Forests Under Future Climate Scenarios

Affiliation(s) PI Project period Funded by
DAS Wall, Tamara U 09/01/2012 - 08/31/2016 Pennsylvania State University

Project Description

Desert Research Institute includes the following objectives. 1) Coordinate and develop two workshops focused on stakeholder collaboration and outreach; 2) over the course of the project, design and implement focus groups with stakeholders located in the Tahoe Basin, conduct individual interviews with stakeholders, and work directly to facilitate collaboration between the researchers and stakeholders; 3) develop and implement a pre-mid-post evaluation research design to assess the impacts of the research project on social learning, product development, and impacts on policy and management actions; 4) develop products (written, visual, audio) to disseminate the project results and products to other organizations, agencies, and extension services in Nevada and California if appropriate.