Analysis of StormVEx Science Data (StormVEx ASR Data)

Affiliation(s) PI Project period Funded by
DAS Hallar, Anna Gannet 11/12/2011 - 08/14/2012 University of Utah

Project Description

DRI will work on creating a comparison of SWE calculated from two different measurement techniques. The first technique will use insitu measurements of snowflake size distribution (Precipitation Imaging Probe data) to estimate total snowfall volume. This volume will then be used to calculate SWE, assuming a snow density / snow habit. Simultaneously, data from a near-by snowfall measurement (ETI) will be use for the calculation of SWE. The ETI gauges have an anti-freeze mixture that lowers the freezing point of captured snow particles. These gauges are equipped with a pressure transducer located inside the bottom of the tube that converts changes in weight to a calibrated depth or SWE in increments of 0.01 inches.

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