Mobile Aerosol Monitoring System for Department of Defense - Continuous Aerosol and Aerosol Optics Measurements in Theater (ITAMI)

Affiliation(s) PI Project period Funded by
DAS Engelbrecht, Johann P 09/26/2011 - 10/25/2012 DOD - Army Research Office

Project Description

We propose the design, development, testing, and field implementation of the instrumented mobile shelter-for investigation of health, aerosol optics, and climate change related issues at U.S. military bases in the Middle East, U.S.A., or elsewhere. Previous work for the U.S. Army Public Health Command (USAPHC) identified the need for such a facility, to include DRI's latest technology for continuous measurement of chemical, optical, morphological, and mineralogical properties of wind-blown dust and other air pollutants. In the first year, the instrumented mobile shelter will be built and tested at DRI. In the second year, the facility will be operated at a military base in the USA. In the third year the mobile facility will be transported to, and deployed at a military base in the Middle East or elsewhere. We hypothesize that the potential health effects of airborne mineral dust can only be adequately understood from measurement of their mineralogical, chemical, and morphological properties. There are two main research issues to be addressed: (i) health and (ii) battlefield operations. With regard to health, the second most important health issue (after battlefield injuries) for DoD personnel returning from the Middle East is pulmonary health, related to dust inhalation, but also from other identified sources such as burn pits. With regard to battlefield operations, vision and the operation of optical devices- including range finders, target designators, surveillance cameras, and airborne and satellite remote sensing-are impacted by elevated levels of ambient aerosols.