North Pacific Mesoscale Coupled Air-Ocean Simulations Compared with Observations

Affiliation(s)PIProject periodFunded by
DAS Koracin, Darko R 08/15/2009 - 08/14/2011 Department of Energy

Project Description

OBJECTIVES OF THE PROJECT: The main goal is to improve climate predictions of regional and mesoscale air and ocean circulation in the North Pacific by using fully coupled ocean and atmospheric models that resolve most of the mesoscale in one-way and two-way coupled ocean-atmosphere regional (Pacific-wide) models. The simulations will generate model winds with energetic variance at the very small scales recently found from satellite radar measurements to be energized in the global wind field over the ocean, winds with much more realistic variance at very small scales than the winds usually used to drive ocean mesoscale models. It is now well established that there is strong feedback between ocean surface temperature and the ocean surface wind field, with significant consequences for upper ocean thermal structure and vertical motion, our modeling will determine the impact the highly resolved dynamics has on model climate. In particular we hypothesize that the fine scales will have significant effect on the climate of the western North Pacific by their influence on the path and state of the Kuroshio and the eddy field in the Kuroshio Extension region, both locally and remotely via the Rossby wave field incident from the Pacific basin.