Affiliation(s)PIProject periodFunded by
DAS Mccubbin, Ian B. 04/09/2008 - 12/30/2011 NASA/Jet Propulsion Laboratory

Project Description

1)Follow-up contact with investigators with existing AVIRIS flight requests. 2) Supporting AVIRIS investigators who have not yet finished the flight request submission process. 3) Interaction with the Ames flight request system support personnel to refine database inputs. 4) Interaction with the Ames flight request folks to help them provide mission hours/days estimates to NASA Headquarters. 5) Interaction with the ER-2 program to coordinate requested ER-2 flights. 6) Interaction with Wallops personnel to coordinate requested Twin Otter flights. 7) Interaction with aircraft providers to coordinate aircraft availability. 8) Interaction with JPL AVIRIS project management as these activities progress. 9) Work with new members of the AVIRIS team to train them in this activity. 10) Populate AVIRIS database with flight line information. 11) Coordinate day-to-day activities when AVIRIS is deployed, possibly from the field location involved.