Exposure Classification Project

Affiliation(s)PIProject periodFunded by
DAS Fujita, Eric M 01/30/2008 - 12/31/2010 American Petroleum Institute

Project Description

This project has the following objectives: 1) Develop both van-mounted (for pollutant gradient and microenvironment monitoring) and portable cart-mounted (for microenvironment and personal monitoring) systems of continuous and integrated air pollutant monitoring instruments for measuring criteria pollutants, size fractionated and speciated partiacles, and selected source tracers. 2) Acquire a wearable physiological vest system capable of monitoring a technician's pulmonary, cardiac, and other physiologic data during scripted activities. 3) Deploy the monitoring systems in two of the cities used in the HEI NPACT toxicologic/epidemiologic studies to : a) characterize pollutant gradients at fixed sites used in the HEI NPACT combined toxicologic and epdemiologic studies relative to cohort hoseholds and nearby emission sources; b) characterize pollutant concentrations within microenvironments that contribute to daily total cumulative exposure; and c) determine the breathing zone pollutant concentrations of technicians implementing 'scripted' activities typical of normal and susceptible populations in appropriate locations. 4) Determine the relationships among gradient, microenvironment, personal, and fixed site pollutant monitoring data collected at the field sites.