Atmospheric Science News

Experience of a Visiting Scholar

Experience of a Visiting ScholarWhat began as a scientific collaboration turned into so much more when Prashant Gargava, Ph.D. applied to work with his colleague Judith Chow, Sc.D. through the Fulbright Scholarship Program.

DRI Scientist Earns Fifth Patent

DRI Scientist Earns Fifth PatentDr. Hans Moosmüller is busy, always thinking about his next invention. This is evident as he currently holds five patents and has four more pending. His most recent patent offers a simple way to help quantify the aerosol contribution to climate change.

What Effect do Clouds Have on Climate?

Dr. Eric WilcoxWhat is the climate effect of tiny particles such as aerosols, soot, and dust, in the atmosphere? Dr. Eric Wilcox, a world-class sailor and researcher, is exploring the answers to these questions linking the ever-changing composition of Earth’s atmosphere and climate change.

DRI researchers work to boost consumer energy use IQ

DRI researchers work to boost consumer energy use IQThe patented software and hardware gives energy customers the power to realize energy savings. -- DRI scientists Hampden Kuhns, Ph.D. and Morien Roberts, Ph.D are empowering business owners and eventually residents to manage their energy consumption and adopt efficiency measures that will have measurable savings.