Source Characterization Laboratory

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DAS John Watson

Lab Description

The Aerosol Research Laboratory investigates the particulate matter from combustion sources utilizing a dilution and residence chamber. This chamber allows reproducible dilution of sources and simulates John Watson, Source Characterization Labthe dilution in the ‘real world.' The residence chamber allows the gas and particulate species to equilibrate with each other. Analysis is done with filters as well as several real-time instruments. These instruments include the TSI nano SMPS, the GRIMM SMPS, the MSP WPS, the TSI DustTRAK, the DRI Photoacoustic instrument, the Magee seven wavelength Aethalometer, the EcoChem PAS2000, the LiCor CO2 Analyzer and a Campbell Scientific datalogger. Sources that have been studied so far have included a diesel generator, an acetylene torch, the PALAS electric arc, and wood smoke from white oak. These allow the production of reproducible mixtures of black carbon, organic carbon, and other compounds that can be used to understand and standardize thermal methods for carbon analysis.