lifesciences informatics


evozymBuilding a drug target validation platform: 

The AIC is collaborating with Evozym Biologics, Inc to improve the use of informatics data to make drug discoveries. We are linking analytical methods of DNA and RNA with visualization of protein structure. Typically, statistical approaches have little or no structural meaning. Results suggest that statistical predictions have great potential for uncovering new drug targets and advancing antibody research. We are developing algorithms that can be applied to a very broad range of organisms or disease epidemiologies. These predictions are being combined with laboratory proof of concept in collaboration with UNR Professor David AuCoin.



EMSManipulating plant natural compound synthesis: 

Single-celled and other plants have the ability to synthesize an almost limitless variety of natural compounds that are potentially of great value in the manufacture of break-through pharmaceuticals capable of treating a wide range of human diseases. The discovery of high-value compounds is complicated and restricted because methods and equipment for accurately and selectively stimulating responses specific to unlocking organism metabolism do not exist. Utilizing instrumentation of its own proprietary design for selectively stressing organisms, EMS Genomics has created both new technology and associated new methods for immediate quantification of stress levels. Our integrated approach drives highly selective genetic and metabolic screening that captures the mechanisms and molecules responsible for enhanced organism fitness against cellular damage. Using our unique and proprietary illumination EMS Genomics is rapidly able to stimulate single-celled plants to manufacture valuable compounds – for example, the synthesis of compounds, like fatty acids and acylglycerols important in consumer and industrial markets. The AIC is collaborating with EMS Genomics to develop a data library of screening results from potentially 1000s of different plants and single-celled algae.


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