Renown BannerTwoIn partnership with The Applied Innovation Center at the Desert Research Institute and the Nevada Governor’s Office of Economic Development, Renown has assembled a sophisticated mosaic of intellectual property and talent in the fields of analytics, informatics, machine learning and data visualization to improve the delivery of community health care to Northern Nevada’s patient population. 

A number of challenges and opportunities are positioning Renown Health as not only the most valuable healthcare provider in the region, but also as a catalyst for healthcare innovation in the increasingly sophisticated technology climate of northern Nevada.  

The establishment of evidence-based medicine and the emergence of technology interoperability requirements based on population health principles demand healthcare systems confront their futures. Renown has undertaken a population health data science venture to both improve the health of its patients and the greater community, and to reduce health care costs by increasing its operational efficiency and quality of care provided to its patients. 

Through patient outcomes evaluation and development of clinical guidelines, to include quality assessment of patient care processes and operating improvement activities, Renown is exploring, prioritizing and targeting specific population health problems in the region. 


Healthcare systems are rapidly confronting a seismic shift in business practice, care delivery models, operating efficiency and economics driven by the ACA and HITECH acts.  Renown has embraced the tremendous shift in organizational dynamics whereby IT and data analytics capabilities accompany traditional care providers to capture revenue and engage in population health management.


Northern Nevada is a relatively isolated community, with Renown Health as the primary provider of regional health care. Renown is striving to keep pace with the adoption of healthcare strategy and practice so that it maintains a compatibility with nearby healthcare systems of elite status, particularly as interoperability becomes the key element in healthcare practice in the U.S. 


From a population health perspective, Renown has a tremendous advantage in having access to a local population with a high retention rate. The captive population enables robust, controlled, population-level assessments of public health risks – everything from diabetes to cancer – and population level outcomes analysis.


Population growth is driving the need for increasingly broad and deep regional medical specialization at Renown to serve a larger more diverse population with variable healthcare needs.  As such, the breadth and depth of healthcare services offered by Renown continues to align with the clinical needs of rapidly growing, diverse population.

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