Applied Innovation Center for Advanced Analytics

CRV buildingDRI’s Applied Innovation Center for Advanced Analytics (AIC) is an expert resource in digital technology applications available to individuals and organizations in the public or private sector. The AIC provides contract research and development services for innovation in applied data and computational analysis, helping translate scientific ideas into practical solutions. 

The AIC offers access to high-demand expertise, advanced technologies, specialized instrumentation, digital infrastructure, and intellectual capital: developing custom solutions to help businesses compete successfully in the innovation-based, knowledge-driven economy. This new Center at DRI can be a cost-effective approach for inventors, entrepreneurs, start-ups, small businesses and even regionally based industries seeking solutions to data related problems or needing to augment their internal expertise. The AIC can analyze data to discover patterns and irregularities, or create custom hardware and software solutions for clients. 

In conjunction with DRI’s scientists in atmospheric, hydrologic, biological and geologic sciences, AIC brings broad and deep expertise in science and engineering to help differentiate regional businesses and attract new ones. One particular area of excellence is in the development of environmental solutions for intelligent resource management. The role of data in prediction and optimization for efficient operations is central to the mission of AIC, involving advanced approaches to data acquisition, communication, processing, management, and analysis. 

The AIC delivers interdisciplinary approaches to design, invention, development and commercialization of solutions to industry problems, and operates with all the creativity and verve of a Silicon Valley technology services firm. This high technology business model is an example of open innovation inspired by the Fraunhofer Institutes in Germany. The AIC emerges from close alignment with the innovation-based economic development initiatives put forth by the Nevada Governor’s Office of Economic Development to strengthen innovation in Nevada’s key industries and support the State’s new advanced workforce efforts.