Interview with Harry Snyder

Harry answers questions about life in Antarctica

Where do you live?

Boulder, CO

What did you do before coming to the ice?

Tried to stay warm

Harry roasting coffee  guitar Harry sanding wood
Harry roasting coffee
Harry playing guitar
Mindy with liquid nitrogen
What made you decide to come to Antarctica in the first place?

Went out for pizza, took a wrong turn and just kept going

Where is the coldest place in Antarctica that you have been to?

South Pole- it’s ALMOST the coldest place in the world

What is the most exciting (legal) thing that you have done here?

Midwinter Polar Plunge at Scott Base- water temperature: 26 degrees F, air temp: 40 below 

What is the most dangerous situation you have been in down here?

See above—I had hypothermia for 20 minutes after the plunge

Does your heart get gloomy after days and days without sunlight?

Lack of sunlight for months on end can do that to ya

How do you vote in a US Presidential Election while on the ice?

Write-in works

How many seasons have you spent on the ice?


What is your favorite part of the day here?

Between 9 a m and 11:15 am

Many people are led to believe that you must survive months on end by eating only penguin meat; is this true?

Polar Bear is good, too.

What do you miss most about home?


If you’ve been to multiple USAP sites could you briefly describe what you like and don’t like about them?

Likes: Palmer-boating, McMurdo-hiking, S. Pole- people, Copacabana-everything
Dislikes: Palmer-tininess, McMurdo-noisiness, S. Pole-cold, Copa-hmmmmm

What is your role on station?


Have you developed any interesting skills while on the ice?

When slipping on ice, I can catch myself much faster now.

If you could bring one famous person to Antarctica who would it be?

The Prez; I don’t think any U.S. Presidents have visited Antarctica

Do you believe Antarctica is the safest place to be during zombie apocalypse? If so, why? Further, is the promise of survival one of your main reasons for working here?

First of all, kids, there’s no such thing as a zombie apocalypse. Just pay attention to what your government is doing.

What’s next for you?

Heading to McMurdo to work as Flight Line Mechanic

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