Interview with Gram Colegrove

Gram ColegroveGram answers questions about his life in Antarctica

Where do you live?

Various locations

What did you do before coming to the ice?


Gram at the top of the glacier Gram breaking through Gram with chop saw Gram in fire gear
Gram at the top
Gram breaking through
Using the chop saw
In fire gear
What made you decide to come to Antarctica in the first place?

I got lost on my way to a career.

Where is the coldest place in Antarctica that you have been to?

South pole

What is the most exciting (legal) thing that you have done here?

Ice climbing Glaciers

What is the most dangerous situation you have been in down here?

It’s complicated.

Does your heart get gloomy after days and days without sunlight?

The sun is overrated.

How do you vote in a US Presidential Election while on the ice?

Absentee Ballot

How many seasons have you spent on the ice?


What is your favorite part of the day here?

At night when the stars are out

Many people are led to believe that you must survive months on end by eating only penguin meat; is this true?

No, we also eat our dead comrades.

What do you miss most about home?

Riding bicycles

If you’ve been to multiple USAP sites could you briefly describe what you like and don’t like about them?

Palmer Station is the best station to be at. It has the most things to do and see, as well as the widest variety of activities. McMurdo and South Pole are interesting and have their own unique opportunities and cultures, but are not able to provide a more rounded lifestyle as Palmer does.

What is your role on station?

Human Shield

Have you developed any interesting skills while on the ice?

I can tune out any conversation and still appear to be listening.

If you could bring one famous person to Antarctica who would it be?

Robert Falcon Scott, Oh, wait…

Do you believe Antarctica is the safest place to be during zombie apocalypse? If so, why? Further, is the promise of survival one of your main reasons for working here?

Antarctica is one of the safest places to be for the Zombie apocalypse, but only in certain cases. If the virus is only transmitted to humans, I would certainly want to be here, but in the rare case that it also affects other vertebrae, I would not. Zombie Penguins and Leopard Seals are serious stuff.

What’s next for you?