Health and Safety at Palmer Station

Chilly personAntarctica is one of the most remote places on earth. It takes many days via ship to get to the Palmer Peninsula (where we are) and flights to the actual continent that depart from Christchurch New Zealand, are strongly dependent on weather. Thus, a medical emergency means it could be days until safe passage to more advanced medical care. Safety, common sense and every effort to prevent injury and avoid severe hazards are the golden rules when down in Antarctica but also make for good guidelines wherever you may be. The following brief sections introduce some of the hazards of life in Antarctica and some of the things we do to prevent significant injury and illness. We hope this material will inspire you to ask your teacher, the scientists, staff and doctor here at Palmer Station more about every day life in Antarctica and how we stay healthy or deal with difficult health related situations. We can be reached via email on our website: or via twitter @miAntarctica.