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New: Store-and-Release Covers for Waste Containment

Interested in learning the details? Watch for "Store-and-Release Covers for Waste Containment" by William Albright (DRI), Craig Benson (University of Wisconsin, Madison) and Jody Waugh (USDOE) published by American Society of Civil Engineers in early 2010.

Excerpt from Chapter 1, "Introduction to Store-and-Release Covers"

Modern engineered landfills are expected to control fire and the spread of litter, limit contact with wildlife, minimize or eliminate the release of mobile contaminants to the surrounding environment, and provide acceptable end-of-service land use. From the perspective of environmental protection, release of contaminants to air and groundwater is often considered the most significant issue. Consequently, containment systems are used at modern landfills to control the movement of liquids and gases into and out of a landfill.

Selection of an appropriate landfill final cover requires careful consideration of the varied metrics for landfill performance, site-specific details, regulatory requirements, and cost. Additional factors specific to each landfill may also affect selection of a final cover, such as type of waste, depth to groundwater, proximity to existing or planned uses of groundwater resources, longevity requirements, and the capacity of underlying soils to limit the movement of contaminants that might escape the engineered containment system. Applications may also exist where the final cover is intended to transmit a higher percolation rate or where regulations prohibit or strongly discourage the use of an S&R cover.

Downloads: Chapter 1: Introduction to Store-and-Release Covers | Table of Contents

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