Using Science to Understand a Changing Environment

Scientists have worked on hundreds of research projects during DRI’s long history, but there is always more to learn, especially in a changing world.

Today more than 180 research faculty work in three multidisciplinary divisions that address the organization’s primary research focus:


Division of Atmospheric Sciences (DAS)

DAS conducts air quality and atmospheric research including meteorology, aerosol formation, atmospheric chemistry, visibility assessment, urban air quality and the transport of pollutants.

Land and Life

Division of Earth and Ecosystem Sciences (DEES)

DEES studies the causes, mechanisms and history of landscape change including the topography, the soils, the vegetation, and the animals and humans that inhabit and modify the landscape.


Division of Hydrologic Sciences (DHS)

DHS seeks to improve society’s understanding of hydrologic systems and encourages efficient water resources management as well as studies the natural and human factors that influence the availability and quality of water resources in arid and developing regions.