2010 Expedition to Lake Vida, Antarctica

Latest Picture: 11/11/10
Latest Picture: 11/11/10

We have spent more than 12 months planning for the 2010 field season. The expedition requires complex logistical planning, ordering and shipping of supplies to Antarctica, in order to achieve a multi-disciplinary effort to sample the Lake Vida comprehensively. We benefited from the help of Raytheon Polar Services Company, which is managing Antarctic activities for the National Science Foundation.

All of the PIs and collaborators prepared for state of the art sampling of ice, brine, and sediments to obtain and preserve pristine samples and to prevent forward contamination during sampling. The treatment of samples for each type of analysis must follow strict protocols, requiring a high level of preparation and organization.

At the same time members of the field team must be considered ‘physically qualified’ for Antarctic deployment. This includes passing a number of medical tests warranting the good health of the deployee.

Latest Field Report: 15 November 2010

Alison Murray writing: Hot off the presses…. Helicopter coming in an hour so thought I’d try and get a brief update out on USB stick to relay to Bernd Wagner who’s the only team member still in McMurdo. We are progressing through the plan to access the lake.